Best Background Music For Travel | Top 10 Travel Songs Of All Times


[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ood travel enriches mind and nourishes our soul. Do you agree? Whether you are planning to travel to Amazon or Tokyo, there is one thing you would not like to miss. Music! Is a universal language and without it your travel is incomplete. Overtime millions of artists have given us gift of good travel songs that can set your mood anytime. Currently, you can listen to these tracks using online applications, such as Spotify. On other hand, you can go old school and download each song. Upload each and every song on a removable disk and you are good to do. So, once you have collected all the tracks, just press ‘play’ button and relax. Unwind and follow your heart rhythm. Keep reading and find out top 10 songs that can make any travel – a journey of lifetime.

List of best background music for travel: –

  1. Electric Feel: This song was done by an American rock band named ‘MGMT’ in year 2008. The remix on this song is also available. Electric feel was a massive influence on various musicians and it still is. Because of its experimental rock and electric nature this song, many times made its way into Hot 100 singles.
  2. Love Of Lesbian: This song is from Spanish Indie pop band. Always know for ‘sold out’ at all of their concerts, originally Fantastic Shine were influences of THE CURE. Later they had their personal sound and style in the form of Love of Lesbian. The song is a party mix and includes deep emotional tales.
  3. Candle: The song ‘candle’ is from famous singer from Spain. Navarro first appeared in 2014. Later in 2017, he represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and finished 26th in Finals.
  4. Paris: Everyone knows Chainsmokers for their wonderful song ‘Paris’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. The song named Paris was released on January 13, 2017 follow-up with radio single “Closer’’. The tracks by this band will surely get your wheels turning.
  5. Shape Of You: The song is by singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Back on January 4, 2017, the singer uploads a 6-second teaser video on social media. The lyrics “the club isn’t the best place to find a lover’’ in teaser was first line from song ‘Shape Of You’ and rest is history.
  6. Paradise: The song is by English rock band named Coldplay. This track was released on 12 September 2011 and received positive reviews. Later it became bestselling rock song with over 410k copies sold in the United Kingdom.
  7. Simple As This: The song is by singer-songwriter Jake Bugg. This one was released on 15 October 2012 in United Kingdom. The song ‘Simple As This’ was also nominated for 2013 Mercury Prize.
  8. We Are The People: This track is by Australian Electronic due named ‘Empire Of The Sun’ and was released in Australia on 20th September 2008. The music video of this track is directed by Josh Logue.
  9. One Day: The song is written by Israeli singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan. It was performed by Asaf and The Mojo’s. There is also a remix version available produced by German DJ Wakelmut. One day became a huge commercial success in Europe.
  10. Just Say Yes: Snow Patrol is an alternative rock band, The Northern Irish band produced many electronic, and synthpop sound that marks its distinction. The video of this song was directed by Blue Leach.

Wrapping Up

There is a variety of other song that make your journey special, such as, Sleep On The Floor from The Lumineers, Oceans by Seafret, and A heartbreak by Angus. Virtually, list of travel is song is endless because it all depends on your mood and company. So, while packing your bags make sure to build a playlist as well. Lastly, don’t forget to charge your portable speaker, so that you can carry your music wherever you go.