Big News: Afghans In Fears As US About To End It’s Longest War

afghan breaking news 24/7
afghan breaking news 24/7

In recent news, Taliban’s are advancing while peace talk stalls. Additionally, what are the chance for peace after US-led Nato forces leave Afghanistan?

A monument stark and sharp-edged, a pointed block of black marble. It stands as a memorial of a dark chapter in history.

American edges now closed to ending its longest war. A talk between senior American and Afghan military offers paused at this spot. Certainly to acknowledge a 32-year-old CIA officer, first US casualty in the war to topple Taliban back in 2001.

Chiseled in both Persian and English, this marble honors Mike Spann. He got killed in the frenzied and bloody battle in November, 2001.


afghan breaking news
afghan breaking news

It’s been 19 years and more than 3,500 deaths, 100k Afghans kills, and a chaotic conclusion. A worst civil war – now the countdown gathers pace for slow but sure removal of last US-Nato forces.

We try to do prevent any negative outcomes. Keep pushing the situation back into a place – says top US soldier in Afghanistan.
Gen Scott Miller commands Nato’s Resolute Support Mission.

Taliban is now at one of the greatest strengths since 2001. The attacking in the district despite a deal will get only worse.

It is time that violence must come down – Gen Millar emphasized.

I am asking the Taliban to bring down violence and certainly, it can’t be one-sided.

In short! all sides need to bring it down now!

In February an agreement got signed after more than a year of negotiations. The last 4,500 American troops and 6,100 other Nato forces would leave by May 2021. The good news is that all American soldiers are safe and unharmed since February. Furthermore, deals reference is to reduce violence and now it is time to bring them back home.