Big News: “Fighter Jet Shot Down”- Armenia suspects Turkey

armenia army vehicles
In recent news, Armenia suspects that its fighter jet got shot down by a Turkish Jet.
In the major escalation – the conflict disputed over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.
Armenian minister said – Pilot of a Soviet-made SU-25 died after it got hit by a Turkish F-16.
Turkey denied the claim. Almost 100 people, including civilians, died in three days over a fight.
The enclave (also) recognized as part of Azerbaijan runs on ethnic Armenians.
Since 1988-94 there has been a war between two former Soviet republics.
Azerbaijan repeatedly states that its air force has no F-16 fighter jet. On the other hand, Turkey does own F-16.
The fighting started over three days ago. Now it appears to be spilling out of control.
Nagorno-Karabakh, with Armenia and Azerbaijan, has an accusation of direct fire.
Also, they blame each other to start a fight. Turkey openly backs Azerbaijan, Russia.
There is a military base in Armenia. Which is also friendly to Azerbaijan – has called for an immediate ceasefire.

SU-25 Jet – What Happened?

Armenian defense spokeswoman said “SU-25 shot down on Tuesday Morning” and “The pilot died heroically.
On a Facebook post, she shared that Turkish F-16 was 60km deep into Armenian air space.
Turkey denied the claim. Saying it is “absolutely untrue”.
“Armenia should withdraw from territories”. The Turkish president said.
Material evidence about the jet yet to (be) released. Azerbaijan called Armenia to provide it.

Earlier Tuesday

Both Armenia and Azerbaijan shared that heavy fighting has continued overnight in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Almost 87 military soldiers got killed. And, 120 wounded since Sunday.
The number of death in Azerbaijani is near 400. Furthermore, Azerbaijan still needs to release proper figures on the military casualty.
There have been 12 civilian casualties due to Armenian fire.
Azerbaijan’s defense minister shared that Armenian troops repeatedly tried and failed to regain its lost position in certain areas.