BIG NEWS: “Pressure Tactics” Russia Rejects Accusation After Journalist Suicide

Journalist Suicide
journalist suicide 2020


Kremlin dismissed claims – Russian Authorities used home searches as “pressure tactics”.

Similar tactics used against a journalist and human rights activities. This activity occurred amid questions around the suicide of a local journalist.


During a regular call with reporters, he considered a user of search as ‘a problem’. Kremlin spokesman said, “If we talk about it as a trend – no, there is no trend”.

Additionally, “If we talk about an individual case, it is necessary to consider each one”

Irina Slavina – real name Irina Murakhtaeva – She sets herself on fire last week. The incident happened outside

the regional department of the Interior Ministry, Nizhny Novgorod.
It is 400 kilometers east of Moscow, Russia.

October 1, In a Facebook post she said her apartment raided.

Peskov, certainly Kremlin has no information on the circumstances around Slavina’s apartment.

On the other hand, he shared

“I simply do not have information about what was the reason for the search – why, how”.

Slavnia’s lawyer Evgeny Gubin told CNN –

After her death, she had been feeling stress from a number of lawsuits (all filed against her).

She also been “put on edge” by the reports, court hearing, fines, etc.


Tuesday, an independent Russian Organization

trade Union of Journalist and Media Worker also published an open letter.

In short! The letter, an open calling for an investigation into ” the cruel crime of driving Irina Slavina to suicide”

In the letter – we demand to immediately investigate the self- immolation of Irina Slavia and

punish those responsible for driving the journalist to take this action.

Moreover, when asked about the Journalist Union appeal – Peskov replied “unfortunately we haven’t seen it”

EU’s lead spokesperson for the foreign affair, Peter Stano also voted for investigation.


Slavina’s death needs investigation also in light of pressure exerted on her for her work as well as activities.