Big News: Putin Daughter Volunteered To Take Part In First Vaccine Trails

Coronavirus Vaccine
Putin Daugther Volunteered For Vaccine Trails

Tuesday, Firstly Putin said that the vaccine has proven to be effective during tests. The 1st vaccine against COVID-19 offers lasting immunity from the dis-ease. Moreover in Moscow, President Putin said that the coronavirus vaccine developed in the country is now registered for use. Adding to it he mentioned that his daughter had already been inoculated.

Furthermore President Putin emphasized that the vaccine underwent all the preliminary and necessary tests. Also, his two daughters have received a shot of vaccine and are feeling well.

Putin added that his daughter decided to take Russian’ new coronavirus vaccine. He said – “She comes into contact with a lot of people, it is important for her to feel protected to work as normal”. The President also shared that the vaccine certainly shows promising results. On a one-to-one interview with Host Sergey Brilev, which was also aired by ‘Rossiya 1’ Channel on Thursday. Putin shared that one of his daughters is given ‘Sputnik V’.

“We pass pre-clinical and clinical trials on animals and volunteers.”
“It is clear today to our specialist that this vaccine gives a sustainable immunity, antibodies emerge, just like they did in my daughter’s case, and is harmless. Thank God, my daughter is feeling well.”

On other hand, Putin was asked if his daughter consulted with him before taking a vaccine. To which President Putin replied, “She is an adult, she just said that she had made such a decision”. Adding, injection didn’t cause many adverse effects. His daughter had a temperature of 38.4 on day 1. On the second day, it was over 37 and she was given a final shot after 21 days. Everything was normal except for a slight temperature.

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In short! Today, Russia is the first country in the whole wide world to have officially registered a vaccine against COVID-19. ‘Sputnik V’ is developed by Moscow’s famed Gamaleya National Research Center. The vaccine passed phase-two clinical trails. Putin released that a second vaccine is to be expected to arrive in September. This time it is being produced by the Novosibirsk-based Vector Institute.