Big News: Spain Ordered Lockdown Due To Rise In Number Of Cases 

Madrid Coronavirus
madrid lockdown again

In a recent update, the Spanish government ordered a lockdown in Madrid. Certainly, surrounding areas would be under lockdown as well. Firstly, Madrid reported a rise in the number of coronavirus cases. 

As per new regulations, residents would stay inside the home unless they have to make an essential journey. Madrid regional government says that the lockdown is not legally valid. 

Greater Madrid moreover accounts for around 1/3rd of 133,604 coronavirus cases diagnosed in Spain ( in the past two weeks ).



The majority of Spain’s regional government voted in favor of imposing a lockdown. This decision affects around 100k residents. 

Currently, Madrid has a rate of 780 infections per 100k. Moreover, it is not clear when the restriction will be introduced.

madrid lockdown news
madrid lockdown news


Furthermore, under lockdown, the Madrid region’s border will remain closed non-essential trips. Only workers, doctors, and shopping placed would stay open, on the other hand, the playground/park will stay closed. 

Additionally, social gatherings will stay limited to six people. Madrid’s government controlled by conservation opposition did not vote in favor of the restriction. The opposition argued that lockdown is not legally valid.

The regional health chief accused the central government of sending a “message of alarm and agitation” – Enrique Ruiz Escudero 

Madrid government chooses not to put the city and surrounding into lockdown. On the other hand, issued restriction in 45 basic healthcare areas. 

madrid lockdown today
madrid lockdown today


Moreover, these measures were controversial. They affect mostly the poorer areas of the city. And, this is why it is protested by hundreds of residents. Spain’s central government also argued that restrictions were not at all-sufficient. Also, the recommended ending to all unnecessary movements across the city. Span witnessed a significant rise in cases in recent weeks. 

As of now, +30k people have died during the pandemic. More than 700k infection case reports.