Bonus Tips and Ultimate 5 Skincare Routine Reviewed By Dermatologist

Currently, everyone is at home, working from home and adapting to new changes. Also, millions of people have changed perspective on keeping up with their lifestyle. On one hand, individual has turned into vegan and on other many have started taking advantage of timeout to re-discover their self. In other words, everyone is making best of time-out. But, during this great panic, it is easy to overlook importance of skincare and health. Keep reading and find out five simple ways to bring back your optimum skin health.

  1. Pamper, Pamper & Pamper: First things first, since our time indoors has remarkably increased, it is perfect to focus on your skincare goals. Now, it is time to give your skin a much-required break from harsh and pore-clogging makeup. So, choose a bare-face look, and allow your skin to naturally breathe. Doing this will not only reduce your monthly expenditure on skincare products but will help you avoid potential hazards of chemical exposure. Don’t worry to much about perfect skin. As far as official meetings are concerned then use Zoom ‘touch up my appearance’ feature.This is essential time or resetting your skin can use. For a while overlook using face serums, essences and masks. Perhaps you would like to take out time to research about product to use in future. Research will help you to make informed decisions while choosing a new skincare product. There is plethora of online resources that can help you to perform your research. Finding better products means getting good quality at low-price.

    Next, since you won’t be wearing makeup for a while but do not forget to use sunscreen. It is essential protection since many individuals work near window. Also, you can incorporate a facial massage into your routine. A good facial massage can help you relieve from built-up tension/stress.

  2. Natural Deodorant: Have you ever tried natural deodorant? Or, perhaps, you thought it not be as good as casual one’s and therefore skipped it? Today, there is plethora of options available when it comes to using natural deodorant. You can find long-lasting, super strength, and best-smelling deodorants online. It is highly recommended to try rose natural deodorant. Natural deodorants include various natural ingredients and often deliver better result as compared to other deodorants.
  3. Wash-Day Routines: This is perhaps best time to try new hair-washing routine.Nowadays, you skip on your old routine, try some new hair styles and keep on hair- oil for longer duration. This will help you to strengthen as well as improve your hair quality. Washing hairs less frequently means using less products and reducing body burden. Furthermore, it is good time to experiment with new shampoos/conditioners. In case you are trying a new low-maintenance routine, then skip dying your hair and take break from straightening hair as much as possible.
  4. Skincare Alternatives: Almost all skincare and healthcare products come with an expiration day. As in food industry, this date is particular indicator of period beyond which these products must not to be used. Using products after expiration date increase risk of bacterial contamination. Sometime, there are product that all not at all labelled with an expiration date. In such case, mostly product need to be used in a certain period after opening. Such products should not be used after certain duration of time. While disposing-off your products do follow recycling guidelines as mentioned on package. Remember in case you are not using a product then donate it.
  5. DIY (Do It Yourself): Lastly, make sure to take time out of your daily routine to try
    some new in-home ideas. You can find DIY ideas on internet easily, here are few simple one’s: -a. Use coconut oil: You can use coconut oil for almost everything starting from your hair, to hand and as a moisturizer/make-up remover.
    b. Home-Made Moisturizer: Since hand-washing is priority it is essential to keep your hands moisturized. You can mix coconut oil with shea and jojoba oil to make home-made moisturizer.
    c. Body scrub: Combine brown sugar with coconut oil, add two drops of essential oil, then mix well. And, you can use this mix in your next bath.
    d. Avocado Face Mask: Take one ripe avocado, one tablespoon of honey and mix it in a bowl. Apply this mix to face and rinse after 10-15 minutes.

Wrapping Up

Taking a break from daily skincare and healthcare routine can provide many benefits to you. Ensure before using any home-made product then you aren’t allergic to any ingredient. In case possible consult your doctor/dermatologist. It is highly recommended making home product just for single use.

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