Chinese Virologist, says – “WHO is part of the cover-up” In A COVID-19 Controversy

Chinese Virologist
chinese virologist claims

Li-Meng Yan, the Chinese virologist, has made a statement again. Further re-insisting her claim that China had ‘produced’ Covid-19 virus in a Wuhan lab.

Yan, Chinese virologist who has purportedly fled China. Additionally, freely claimed that she has proof that the SARS-COVID-2 infection is in reality man-made in a Wuhan lab.

Presently, in an ongoing interview with WION. She said that the Chinese government knew about the spread of COVID-19. And, the World Health Organization was particularly ‘part for the concealment.’

The Wuhan wet market, which has viewed as the beginning stage of the infection “is only a distraction from the Chinese Communist Party,” said Yan.

She likewise guaranteed that the Chinese government is attempting to tarnish her reputation. In other words, directing cyber-attacks on her to scare her family in China.

Yan’s Twitter account was likewise as of late suspended. A message on her Twitter page presently peruses: ‘Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that disregard Twitter Rules.’

Prior, in May, Twitter had begun hailing her tweets with ‘questioned claims on COVID.’

Prior, Yan had expressed that while working at Hong Kong’s School of Public Health. Her administrator originally requested that her research another “SARS-like” infection in Wuhan on December 31. However that her efforts were later smothered.

Moreover, she said she announced back that cases had all the earmarks of being rising exponentially yet advised to “keep quiet and be cautious.”

“We will get in a difficult situation and we’ll vanish,” is what was supposedly advised to her.

She also said she has evidence that the infection originated from a virology lab in the city and not from the wet-food market.

On the Youtube video, she said – its the genome grouping which resembles a human unique mark. It is possible to distinguish these things. Certainly, it could use proof to explain why this has born out of a lab in China. Also, who all are behind it.

Additionally, no matter whether you can read scientific information or not! We will have the option to understand it, and then check it for confirmation.

She included that the Chinese specialists started to dishonor her even before she fled the nation. Also, it is possible that all my online data would get deleted. Also, there are rumors about me. She added.

The Chinese National Health Commission, World Health Organization, and the University Of Hong Kong opposed her claims.