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Covid-19 Solutions: Critical Policies To Protect Individual Person During Pandemic

Covid-19 is changing global health structures. Currently, in addition to lose of income and many lives; the pandemic disrupted essential services, food supplies, and schools. In response to Covid-19, better decisions, coordination, and rapid action are three primary keys. For now, essential health service is reduced, and impact of this great panic is being compared with Ebola. As far as schools are concerned; they would be closed till upcoming September. Not to mention COVID-19 long term loss also hit quality of education. On average, students learning is hampered because of limited infrastructure. For women and girls, juggling through a variety of activities is increased. Which often leads to tiredness and lowers body immunity. Further, domestic violence, child marriage, and gender-based violence are prevailing in various areas. These impacts of crisis demand for universal awareness on health and vitality.

Upcoming Future

One way to move forward is to take this great panic as an opportunity to make more flexible systems. This would include re prioritizing policies, restructuring, and behavioral changes. The health care system needs to be more resilient and deliver high-quality deliveries. Enriching what works and exploring new approaches could show promising results.

Emerging Global Themes

  1. Taking A Leap Forward: First thing first, we need to shift from fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Although containing Covid-19 pandemic would require painful measures, but crisis also present opportunity to protect and build. Taking mobile-first approach across globe is improving financial and digital structures. Millions of people all around world are now planning to expand through investing, learning, and service. Also, there is steam of innovation for raising quality service, distance learning, and radio programs.
  2. Long-term Development: Next, it is time to take urgent measures to protect persons and economic needs. In other words, protect humans by building a sustainable society where everyone feels safe and secure. New programs must improve access and quality of community, services, and delivery.
  3. Empathy Vs. Leadership: Ongoing situation demand all-inclusive and empathetic leadership. Better and clear communication is need for hours, along with good governance. It is time to put professional workers and experts on front lines. This would help in two ways, one, in managing crisis and others in properly timed recovery.
  4. Upgrading Approach: Now is time to take a whole-of-society approach. As we move toward Covid-19 unlock phase, offering new essential service delivery would help people to stand up once again with dignity and a sense of security. To relax heighten state of tension among individual persons, a new and upgraded approach should be found.
  5. Prioritizing: Global pandemic and climate change are defining issues of our time. The impact of both is threatening to humankind. It is time to stop meaningless efforts and setting up new priorities.

Youth-Led Solutions

As widespread of COVID-19 continue it demand youth-led action as well as massive action toward communities and private sectors. Countries need stronger and more resilient health care system. Although road to recovery will be long and challenging but creating positive feedback loops could change Covid-19situation tremendously.

Wrapping Up

Often difficult structures and governance reformation respond to global issues. Today, as our first commitment it is essential to take care of those struggling in difficult Covid-19 circumstances. Leaving no one behind is a vital strategy and the international community must redouble effort to support such reformations.

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