Cruise Travel: Top 20 Tips That Will Change The Way You Travel


[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ollowing year is going to be an amazing adventure. Millions of people are pre-booking their vacation for next year to enjoy a relatively stress-free holiday. If you are planning to travel this year, then make sure you go cruise instead of boring flights. Keep reading and you will find out 20 tips that will help you out.

Extended list of cruise travel hack: –

  1. Maths and Drinks: First things first, a lot of time cruise travel includes drink packages as well. Although overall, it a nice deal, and you can opt for it to have a worry-free time. But, in most cases you have to take-up at least 8 alcoholic beverages each day. This is when you really want to get your money worth package. Therefore, make sure to check pro-actively on available package. Believe me, you don’t want to stay drunk on cruise for long.
  2. Duty-Free Shop: One of best ways to enjoy both drink and cruise without going out of budget is BYOW. As per most of cruise/airline rules can bring two bottles of wine onboard. This will help you save a lot of money. You can easily pick your bottles from duty-free shops. Pack it in a safe package, and take it along without any problem.
  3. Pack Everything: Traveling on cruise is way different than flight travel. Mostly, cruise company will pick up your luggage and bring it to ship. But you won’t be able to access your luggage until evening. So, make sure you have an extra pair of clothes and prescriptions.
  4. Prepare For Compactness: Cruise have different set of suits, rooms, and accommodations. In case, you are not traveling in a suite, then do not be surprised about compactness of showers. Most of cabins will give you about 3” X3” showers. Although if you are claustrophobic then perhaps it’s time to talk to cruise directors.
  5. Speciality Restaurant’s: One of best features of traveling or to be precise cruising is its highly specific and special restaurants. Millions of people might feel that going with normal in-the-package menu is sufficient. But specialty restaurant often gives you better dining experience. Moreover, these restaurants offer premium grade food. So, make sure to pre-book your reservation.
  6. Late Seating: Cruises often have two dinner seating. One is called early seating and then there is late seating. Pick up late seating, as you would be allowed to sit there for long time. You can discuss this with your travel agent or cruise operator to ensure your spot.
  7. Adjoining Rooms: While making a booking for group, or 2+ families, then try getting an adjoining room. Getting an adjoining room will help you to share space. You can enjoy evening games together, make video’s and have a fun time. Avoid asking for adjoining room ahead of time, as cruise company might then try to upsell you adjoining accommodation.
  8. Book Your Activities: When booking your cruise tickets, you might come across offers like horse riding, cooking class, yoga class, and art therapy. Go for these activities, it will help you make the best of your travel and will rejuvenate your soul.
  9. Deck Chairs: Thousands of people travel on cruise just to enjoy deck chairs and wide-open blue sea under clear blue sky. Traditionally many people would book their deck chairs by keeping a towel or their belonging. Today, cruise lines have made booking process easier. Once you book your deck chair, expect a sticker or stamp on back of your chair.
  10. Towel Clip: Cruise maybe only places where you need towel clip more than anywhere else in world. It is an essential thing for any windy ship deck. A towel clip will help you to prevent your towel from flying off in breeze.
  11. Your Pharmacy: Traveling can cause severe damage to your skin. So, make sure that you carry sunscreen, diarrhea medication, allergy medication from home. Buying it on cruise can cost a lot of money.
  12. Seasickness: Do you know about seasickness. It happens due to motion of cruise on the sea. To avoid seasickness, either book room in center of ship, or get a room with porthole or balcony. Although you might still fell motion of ocean but the symptoms are less likely to occur in center rooms.
  13. Kick It: If you are already sick due to seasickness – then it is recommended to see a doctor onboard. Although you might have to pay a consultation fee. To avoid it, carry Promethazine or Transderm Scop. It is a medicated patch that you apply behind your ears. You can also wear sea-band.
  14. Spa: Book it immediately! It is super amazing to have a spa treatment. Most of time it is completely pre-booked. So, make sure you check it right away.
  15. Onboard Seminar: Many people go on vacation and end up doing same old things. It is highly recommended to educate yourself first. Today, almost all cruise lines offer seminars on various products. They can help you choose right product at a right price.
  16. Kids Program: Leverage kids and teen programs. Many onboard programs include rock climbing, wall climbing, surf simulator, and much more. Most of cruise has features like game rooms, circus schools, and teen-only nightclubs.
  17. Water Shoes: Yes, you will need water shoes, ones that are made of rubber and mesh. Also, wearing water shoes will help you to avoid getting a cut on your feet from corral and sharp rocks. You can also buy them online or from cruise store.
  18. Bags And Packs: Packing for a cruise needs skill. You can bring an old pair of extra shoes. Ensure to carry sunscreen, beach towels, and handy side pouch. Believe me you don’t want to carry a large bag pack around all the time.
  19. Catchy Wearables: Boarding a cruise without some catchy wearables is no fun. Although, some areas like casinos might need formal clothing. Also, you might need a swimsuit. Remember during night ship deck can be pretty cold, so just might carry a light jacket as well.
  20. Mini Fridge: The rule of thumb works same on a cruise as in motels. Avoid mini-fridge, until and unless you’re really desperate for a late-night snack. Or, a beverage. Cruise mini fridge is always loaded with tiny bottles and snacks. But unless you want to pay double amount of price as compared to local supermarket – carry your snacks.

Wrapping Up

To be honest, do no to be afraid to complain about food, service, and facilities. Cruise line always aims to improve onboard experience. There is high chance that they will find a solution to your problem. Lastly, avoid over tipping.