Daily Rise In New Coronavirus Cases Recorded: WHO reports

daily number of cases in us


The record one-day rise in the number of new coronavirus cases reached 307,930 reported over a day. Additionally, deaths rose to 5,500, and the global count in 917,417.
The three biggest increase in cases reported in India, the US, and Brazil. Around the world, there are 28 million confirmed cases. Half of which is from America. Firstly, on 6th September, the WHO reported 306,857 cases.

Steep Rise In Number Of Cases

WHO, India reported 94,372 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday. On the other hand, the US reported 45,523 and Brazil reported 43,718. Additionally, 1000 new deaths were recorded in the US and India. In Brazil, 874 people have died from the virus in the past 24 hours.

Today, India stands as the second-largest number of confirmed cases in the world. India witnessed an average of 64,000 cases per day. Moreover, an 84% hike from average daily cases in July. Brazil recorded more than four million cases. Furthermore, the US has recorded a quarter of the world’s total number of cases.
The US has the world’s highest recorded death toll from Covid-19.


Other Parts Of The World

Countries like Europe records a rising number of daily cases. The local lockdown imposed in the worst-affected regions. In renewed appeals, people reminded to wear face-covering and follow social distancing rules. Other countries affected by the virus include Peru, Israel, Australia, and South Korea.

India is the subsequent most exceedingly worst-hit country by the coronavirus pandemic, which has influenced over 2.8 crore individuals around the world.

Last Sunday, Police in Australia arrested more than 70 protesters. About 250 people attended this protection in the city of Melbourne. This group brought forward conspiracy theories about the pandemic.

On other hand, Israel imposes a new nationwide lockdown. Tough restrictions will into effect on Friday – would last for at least three weeks. In Israel, the total number of Covid-19 cases in 153,00 confirmed.