Daily Routine Habit Of Dry Brushing For Skin Treatment

Dry Brushing For Skin

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]rushing your hair followed by brushing your teeth is one of simple and easy daily routine. Currently, dry brushing, also called as body brushing is becoming favorite treatment of millions of people. Individuals all over globe are investing in dry brush. One of best feature to of owning dry brush is its ability to physically exfoliate skin. It gives your entire body a smoother skin. Dry brushing is quick getting attention, it is now treading subject that is receiving both skepticism and enthusiasm. We all know beauty ritual goes way back, it involves spas and variety of scientifically proven strategies. But what is dry brushing all about?

Dry Brushing

First thing first, dry brushing is exactly what it is you understand in word of impression. In simple words, dry brushing is an act of using coarse brush against skin. Why to use dry brushing? Using dry brushing stimulates blood flow and it also helps in light exfoliation.

Keep It Simple

Simple, soft, and natural-bristle brush is best option. When doing dry brushing all you need is little self-control. Remember this is your skin and you need to be gentle. You are not supposed to have reddish scratch afterward. Start rubbing in light, circular motion before going for a shower. Avoid your face completely.

After Dry Brushing

Once you are done with dry brushing routine, it is now time to go for a mild body wash. For example, you can use Dove Deep Moisture Body wash and then go for equally mild body moisturizer. For now, skip any other means of exfoliation. Remember dry brush makes your skin bit more sensitive for some time.

Wrapping Up

Dry brushing could make your skin more sensitive. In case you have sensitive skin, avoid this treatment. On other hand, you can use this treatment to improve blood flow and skin.