Everything You Need To Know About Military Dog Tags and Available 15 Varieties

Military Dog Tags

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s of now millions of individuals both in military and non-military wear special accessories used for identification. Originally, military dog tags were worn by soldiers in the army. Today, this accessory is becoming trending. There is plethora of reasons why you can wear a dog tag. For a start, it helps in identification.


Dog tags are given to solider so that in case they are wounded or killed in action, then they can be identified using this tag. Consider dog tags as an embodied identity card. It contains information like name, phone number, blood group, allergies, and regiments rank, etc. Generally, all information is engraved on a metal dog tag. This
way you can keep it safe from harsh weather conditions and improve durability. You would notice that each person/solider is given two dog tags. A solider keeps one dog tag in this neck chain and other in his shoe.

Today dog tags are fashion accessories and come in variety of materials. For example:

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Rubber
  3. Plastic
  4. Wooden
  5. Glass

Typically, stainless steel dog tags have their popularity among masses. A stainless-steel tag contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It is completely corrosion-free. The details of solider in embodied, engraved, or printed on dog tags. The machine used to manufacture these dog tags is called dog tag embosser. Tags are fed to embosser to emboss the required details. On other hand, all detail of solider is mentioned into a metal sheet. This reduces the probability of details getting printed wrongly. Dog tag embosser is a very advanced printing machine.

Variety Of Available Dog Tags

  1. Embossed
  2. Engraved
  3. Printed
  4. Bottle Opener
  5. Color Silencer
  6. Ball Chains
  7. Button Bottle Opener
  8. Pet Tags
  9. Luggage Tags
  10. Relationship Tags
  11. First Responder Tag
  12. Medial ID Tags
  13. Outdoorsman Dog Tags
  14. Sports Dog Tags
  15. Gear I.D. Dog Tags

Dog tag gives a specific type of identification. It’s earliest mentioned goes back to Spartans who wore their name on stick which was tied to their left wrists. Another type of dog tag worth mentioning is signaculum. The legionary dog tag was actually a lead disk with nothing else but a leather string. It was worn around neck by recruits of a particular legion.

In recent years, black dog tag is quickly becoming a popular fashion accessory. You can purchase dog tags from plethora of online stores and local markets.

Proper Way To Wear A Dog Tag For Men: –

  1. Wearing your best black t-shirt, with pair of comfortable pajama-pants to a new album release? You can accessorize yourself with a dog tag and a red cap. Also, wear sunglasses for an extra impact.
  2. On a casual occasion, Dog tags can be worn with plant color t-shirt and pair of blue jeans.
  3. Dog Tags goes best with v-neck white color t-shirt
  4. Avoid wearing a dog tag with full sleeve hoodie

Proper Way To Wear Dog Tag For Women: –

  1. You can wear dog-tag to parties. Gear up yourself with a one-piece party dress and your favorite footwear.
  2. In case you are in for a casual look, then go for a white crop top, tattered jeans, and silver dog tag. You can also wear a wristwatch to make an impact.
  3. You can also wear dog tag with white t-shirt and denim jacket.

Dog tags are particularly famous among musicians and rappers. It is also a good give-away item.

Wrapping Up

Dog tags made from steel can be durable and can be used for personal identity code, and other information. Make sure to compare prices and quality of military dog tags before making a purchase.