Everything You Need To Know About WP Engine Site Template and Hubspot Integration

WP Engine Site Template

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]P Engine is the best digital experience platform from WordPress. Last year during early September the company announced Site template, a new site builder. The new and featured site builder is essentially relevant for freelancer, small agencies and marketers. Today, anyone can use this platform to quickly create beautiful online websites. Also, you can integrate with Hub-spot all-in-one marketing tools. It is first WP Engine Site Template bundles i.e. Hub-spot’s WordPress Plugin. Moreover, it is a free plugin and includes useful tools like lead capture, pop-up forms, live chat and much more. WordPress is one of the world’s most popular framework that offers quick site-building features and tools.


Now freelancers, small-to-medium scale industries and marketers can take advantage of this tool. Using this feature and fastest WordPress Hosting, you customize your website and move forward with revenue-generating project. Even for skilled freelancers or agency developers, downloading the plugins, and configuring theme can take couple of hours. But, not now, with WP Engine Site Template you can easily complete this process in couple of minutes.


Hunting around the web, searching and clicking endlessly? End your search at WP engine site template. It helps freelancers and small-to-medium scale businesses to build their website in three-four clicks. Then developers can select one of any nine Studio Press themes, for example:

  • Revolution
  • Monochrome
  • Authority
  • Essence
  • Magazine
  • Altitude
  • Infinity
  • Breakthrough
  • Genesis
  • Other sample themes

Nowadays you can easily integrate WordPress to a new site environment. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate it with Hubspot Templates marketing tools. And, you don’t even have to set it up manually. It is simple, easy and automatic. Genesis is one of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks.


WP Engine partnership with Hub spot and now there is one of most powerful, free marketing tools for WordPress users. You can integrate WordPress plugin with WP Engine’s Studio Press theme. WP engine site template allows WP engine customers to easily and quickly launch beautiful and functional sites within minutes.


You can easily find website template professional designed but expert. While looking for a professional fit make sure that your web design suits you need. Since there are plethora of options available it can be overwhelming for anyone to choose ‘the one’. So, before you make choice here is what you need to know –

  1. Best Choice: First things first, you need to see that best template that is both professionally designed and is affordable. Many cheap web templates are both affordable and developed to suit your professional demands.
  2. Myth of Repetition: Next, there is possibility that you are using the ‘not so unique’ template. In other words, you may find out that the template you choose is also used by someone else. So, make sure to be prepared to see some repetition on Internet. Although you can customize your template to make it more unique. It is highly recommended to make some changes before launching a template.


It is highly recommended to choose a web template that comes with easy to edit format. There are many web templates that come with different essential tools for example galleries, HTML, CSS, and many other features. You can also find collection of source files including original template. It is now easy to adjust logo file, tagline, button names, and links.


You can expect to have your website launch within few minutes, yes, it is possible and after that comes editing part. It can take days after you hire a web designer to actually receive a project. But, not now, by using web template it is possible to shorten waiting time. It would not take more than 5 minutes or even less. It is easy to download instruction and send it right for validation. Once you have finished editing template you get more time to make alterations.


It is important to choose right design. To begin with, your web template must match with aesthetic needs. It is essential to go for better look and feel than what you have currently in your hand. With a cohesive theme, you might gain better results and more attention from the audience.


Last but not the least, most web templates are designed for bigger screens- now it is time to go for the mobile-first market. In a nutshell, make sure you go for a mobile responsive template for more benefits. Get your first WordPress Hosting Server now.