Exclusive 5 Free Beauty Routine Tweaks To Embrace During Unlocking Phase

Beauty Routine

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eing at home has its perks. Each passing week is bringing us to the unlock phase. More positive aspects of lockdown continue to emerge and individuals are finding reasons to view glass as half full. Before we reach complete unlocking, during these last days of grounding, it is time for some self-love.

In other words, it is right time to reflect on some of our self-care routines. Keep reading and you could find out five ways to redefine your beauty routine.

Self-care routine and essential five steps to follow: –

  1. Less-Clean is New Normal: The first things first, it is essential to disinfect all the
    things. But when it comes to your hair then there is whole new story. Regularly washing your hair strip your scalp from natural oils. Now to compensate for this loss, your scalp starts producing even more of it. So, these days are your opportunity to train your scalp. Simply by washing it less frequently you can extend life of your hair, color and restore natural strength. Although it would take some time, and you need to be patient about it.
  2. Moves Like Jagger: These days are bringing out creative talent and new moves. Social media is filled with video and post. Women all around world are ditching morning makeup, saving time, and focusing on self-love. Moreover, you can sleep a little longer, give yourself a skincare treatment. Good skincare treatment can change your skin tone level, making your feel fresh and ready for next meeting. Also, ensure to take out some time for Yoga and cardio practice.
  3. Natural Skin: Commit to bare skin and leverage current times to go closer to nature. Your skin is super sensitive organ, it is made of living and breathing cells. Since these days everyone is working from home, you can implement your beauty routine at any time. A nourishing mask during non-meeting hours can help open blocked pores due to sweating in your home-made gym.
  4. Hand Sensitivity: Hand especially your palm is very sensitive part of your body. Hands can pick up energy from environment and things you come in touch with. Also, washing hands is part of good hygiene practice. Believe it or not! Hand can desensitize due to excess use of soap or handwash. You can use a moisturizer or a hand cream to re-sensitize your hand.
  5. Using Natural Scent: Many workplaces, offices and official buildings do not allow wearing perfumes. Nowadays when we are spending more time indoor – treat yourself and put on your favorite perfume. Scent has a massive impact on mood. It can help you set tone for rest of day. In case, you are confused about which one to try, then feel free to go with jasmine or grapefruit fragrances.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, managing brows can be too dramatic. A little accident with razor or wax can ruin it all. Consider now as a great time to allow your brow to grow in their natural shape. You can easily adjust when they are grown to the full.