Extended List Of 10 Hotel Hacks Tested Directly By Professional Travelers


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]hasing professional travellers for their ‘travel hacks’ has occupied several travel agencies. Everyone wants to get best hotel rates, free upgrades, and tweaks. But, it only professional travellers who know how to get it all. For beginner, here is an extended list of top 10 hotel hacks, may you find your comfort.


Believe it or not! a small investment in membership can take you a long way. You can save 10%+ on hotel booking. Also, you can enjoy various other facilities and features. Membership is your way to flexibility.

Credit Card

Nowadays you can also apply for hotel credit cards and get yourself remarkable bonuses. You can get weeks’ worth of free stay, imagine that!

Universal Credit Cards

Another hotel hack is to use universal miles gained from traveling. Reward credit cards allow you to transfer points to hotel loyalty programs and can be redeemed anytime.

Automatic Status

You can use platinum cards and get upgraded status. Getting an upgrade is worth waiting, some upgrade can get you free breakfast, internet, and welcome gifts.

Status Match

So, once you have status matched with hotel, then you can easily get it matched with other hotels. This way you can get a budget premium experience and loyalty line.

Cheaper Hotels

Looking for working status, to begin with? Focus all your efforts on hotels and one brand. Most hotel loyalty programs are based on nights, so consider short one-night stay in ‘lesser’ property to achieve status for less money.

Hacks For Booking

Here is extended list of hacking your way to booking hotel without going out budget or losing your temper.

Use Emails

It is essential to consistently upgrade hotel/general manager about your travel. You can write about things you want, share your plans and other arrangements. You can also write about your experience in your hotel and extend gratitude to build a strong relationship. Sometimes it is hard to make a phone call, but email works just fine.

Bidding Sites

You can enjoy deep discounts offered by using hotel bidding sites. There is plethora of hotel bidding website which allows you to select location and ‘star’ rating – if you know what you are doing these websites won’t disappoint you.

Go Long

You can directly negotiate a good deal and lower price if you are planning to stay somewhere for more than a week. You can save up to 75% of rates by negotiating a better deal for a monthly rate with owner.

Different Rooms

On arrival at your hotel destination, you can simply ask to see different rooms. Sometimes, it is possible that hotel owner/manager desire to get rid of least desirable room first. So, you might find yourself sleeping in a dark room that smells like damp cloth. In other hand, if you ask, you might find an amazing view of city with a bright room. Rooms in a hotel can vary greatly.

Wrapping Up

Use aforementioned top 10 hacks on your next travel. Traveling over a budget? Ensure you ask for dishes and cook your food. Gather supplies from local area, and enjoy cooking at your own. Also, you can ask for ‘do not disturb’ sign for security.