Eye on China, Taiwan much obliged ‘companions in India’

taiwan national day 2020
taiwan national day 2020

Firstly, In another red rag to China.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen on Sunday, expressed gratitude toward “dear friends in India”.

(for great wishes on Taiwan National Day)

Certainty, no Indian government body authoritatively wished Taiwan.

On the other hand, online media overwhelmed in the previous scarcely any days with messages communicating solidarity with Taiwan.

Seen by China as a breakaway region, at a time India remains secured a military standoff with the PLA.

“On Taiwan’s National Day, President Tsai Ing-Wen shared greeting. Additionally, in her tweet, she mentioned friends living in India, while there is no replay from the Indian government body. Together, we can invest heavily in shielding our mutual qualities like opportunity and common liberties and protecting our majority rule lifestyle. The tweet by President included “Namaste” as a reference. It could be also seen to go tough on China since from the past few months India-China relationship hit other unimagined bottoms. The tweet also implies the limited cultural attribute in China.

Furthermore, Much obliged to you to the entirety of our dear friends in India ?? for your good wishes on ??


The president’s comments are the most recent in a progression of proclamations from Taiwanese leaders that has infuriated the Chinese government office here as it accepts the island is attempting to misuse the anti-China sentiment in India.

Furthermore, the embassy has conveyed updates consistently that no individual should attempt to dilute what it said was India’s acknowledgment of the ‘One-China’ strategy and furthermore warned Taiwan that it ought not to participate in any “political control”.

The embassy here warned Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party on Saturday

That it can’t change the reality Taiwan is an unavoidable piece of China

Adding that any endeavor to participate in political control

and rebel exercises to make “Taiwan autonomy”

will prompt an impasse and that China stays resolved to protect power and honesty.