Fit Forty: Top 10 Frustration Of Online Dating After 40

Online Dating

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]elieve it or not! Millions of people join online dating applications in month of January every year. Collecting their confidence and putting their best hope together that this year they may find love. Is there any better way to find love instead of online dating? Yes, but thousands of people over 40 find it interesting to date online. There are multiple reasons why individuals choose online dating. For a start, once you become old, dating online can become a challenge. Some of you might be tired of people, photos, and do not want to put efforts that get zero response. Sitting in front of computer/laptop can be energy draining.

Many of you perhaps have concluded that online dating is fake. At forty, many people stop socializing when they reach 40. You don’t talk to many young people. You don’t do parties and you don’t get set up often. Individuals who are at 40 and still single might find it hard to trust anyone.

Dating online is easy, but it also requires certain precautionary practices. Here a list of top frustration with online dating after 40. Most of the tips are not gender-specific and both men and women can leverage it.

  1. Lies: First things first, games and lies is a common aspect of online dating. No matter how sicking it is but it is true when people are not truthful. It’s not just men, thousands of women to do the same. Online dating is all about respect and kindness, it is a simple and heart-opening process.
  2. Judging: It is common feeling, ‘being judged’ because there are so many pictures to scroll through? Online dating is plagued with people who feel judged for one reason or another. Now you don’t need to follow similar story, just pick the best 2-D picture of yours which says nothing about you. Most people who are interested in you will go another step forward to read your profile.
  3. Confusion: Communicating online can be confusing for anyone, even for professionals. You don’t know when to text or when to make a call? Taking initiative can be challenging and even after you send a thoughtful message, it takes hours to get a response. During this phase, it is normal to wonder whether a person on the other end is even interested in dating or not?
  4. Common Courtesy: One of frustrating news to hear comes from men. Things become overwhelming especially if you have tentative plans to meet but your partner won’t show up. Everyone deserves some courtesy; in case you have no plant to meet then drop a message to your partner. There is flip side to this as well, many individuals continue calling/texting other person even when they show no interest. Unfortunately, this can ruin whole ethic of good atmosphere. No one wants to date a person with poor manners.
  5. Rejection: Do you hate the process of online dating when it comes to rejection? Going through process of breaking up and rejection can be hard for many people. Potentially, it can take a toll on your heart. Many people hate the idea of start and stop in dating. Remember it can be harder to be a rejector. Keep up with your optimistic attitude, self-monitor, and self-reflect.
  6. Expectation: Especially false expectations can be of lot of trouble. It can lead to nervousness and uncertainty. As per reports, many people hate being in awkwardness and disappointment when they don’t feel a connection. If you don’t feel a spark then perhaps you are talking to a wrong person.
  7. Time-consuming: The whole process of dating especially online dating is time-consuming. It is hard process because of rejection, but it is part of package.
  8. Virtual information: Boy’s, online dating is something totally different than video games. Although here everything is virtual buy it has a real side to it as well. Many people stick to hide behind keyboard and fail when it comes to moving to the real world. In past, online dating was much smoother and fast, now there can be endless texting. There is possibility that initial meeting might not ever occur, EVER! In other words, your online dating partner can be emotionally unavailable for you.
  9. Past Relationships: While online dating, past relationship horrors can hit anyone. Women and men have been very hurt in past, with their ego tormented, and abused past relationships, it can hold them back. Many times, men and women have to go through inner work and move forward with positivity (after a damaged relationship). Online has its own emotional vulnerability.
  10. Ghosting: Lastly, one of most frustrating things is that even after you meet someone, or begin with process of online dating, individual disappears. Dishonest people always leave in month or two. Remember we all have feeling, stay considerate.

Wrapping Up

Dating online after 40 can be challenging and bit frustrating. It can also be highly effective tool to find your love. Finding your special person takes time, so practice patience and all the best.