Raising a Glass to Flavor: Copper State Beer Festival 2024

Copper State Beer Festival 2024

Get ready, beer aficionados and festival enthusiasts, because the Copper State Beer Festival 2024 is back for its edition! This annual festival of craft beer promises to be a memorable event for both social butterflies and beer connoisseurs, set against the breathtaking background of Arizona. Let’s explore the reasons why beer enthusiasts from all around the state and beyond should not miss the Copper State Beer Festival, as the beer community excitedly anticipates its arrival.

Event Details

Date: 15 June 2024

Time: 12:45–19:00

Location: Phoenix, Arizona’s Phoenix Park

For many years, the Copper State Beer Festival has been a mainstay of the craft beer calendar. It keeps growing and changing with every new edition, solidifying its reputation as a must-visit location for anyone who loves beer, friendship, and life-changing events.

Breweries to Dazzle Your Palate

One of the festival’s cornerstones is undoubtedly the impressive selection of breweries in attendance. From well-established craft beer pioneers to innovative newcomers, the Copper State Beer Festival offers a tantalizing array of beer styles to explore. Attendees can look forward to savoring everything from hop-forward IPAs to rich, complex stouts, crisp and refreshing lagers, and much more.

The local Arizona breweries take center stage, showcasing their creativity and commitment to craft. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to sample a curated selection of beers from renowned out-of-state breweries, offering a unique opportunity to discover regional favorites and nationally recognized brews.

Satisfying your culinary cravings

Pairing craft beer with delectable food is a cherished tradition at the Copper State Beer Festival 2024. Local food trucks and sellers gather, prepared to tantalize your taste buds with a wide variety of delectable treats. You can discover food to go with your selected brew, whether it’s exquisite burgers, delectable sweets, or savory street cuisine.

The festival organizers take pride in offering a wide range of food options to ensure that attendees can enjoy a complete sensory experience, balancing the flavors of their favorite beer with a variety of delicious dishes.

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Live Music, Entertainment, and More

To keep the atmosphere vibrant and energetic, the Copper State Beer Festival 2024 presents a lively lineup of live entertainment throughout the day. Interactive games and activities give you the chance to mingle with others, laugh, and have fun, while local bands and artists provide a toe-tapping backdrop for your beer adventures.

It’s a celebration of community, culture, and fellowship, not simply beer. The festival offers a wide range of entertainment alternatives to guarantee you an enjoyable day.

Homebrewers’ Haven

For those who are passionate about brewing their own beer, the Copper State Beer Festival frequently features a dedicated homebrewer section. Here, you can connect with fellow homebrewing enthusiasts, exchange knowledge, and sample exceptional homebrew creations. It’s a great chance to become more knowledgeable about brewing techniques and make connections with the neighborhood homebrewing scene.


The Copper State Beer Festival 2024 celebrates beer culture, friendship, and shared interests beyond just a single event. For a day of flavor, fun, and friendship, families, foodies, and beer enthusiasts get together. This festival is a must-see event for anyone who enjoys beer and has a great time because it offers an amazing array of craft brews, tasty cuisine, live entertainment, and interesting workshops.

Calendars should be noted, friends and family should be invited, and taste buds should be ready for a day of amazing experiences as the 2024 Copper State Beer Festival approaches. Raise a glass to a wonderful day full of delicious food, great beer, and unforgettable experiences! We want to see you on June 15, 2024, at Phoenix Park for an outstanding celebration of craft beer. Cheers!