Free And Worse 15 Travel Mistake To Avoid On Your Next Tour

Travel Mistakes

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]uring vacation and tours, it is common to make travel mistakes because of one reason or another. Travel enriches your soul and boosts your creativity. Although there are some pitfalls of travel. You can pro-actively prep for them to make your dream travel come true. Yes! It is possible to have best vacation of lifetime. So, to make it your best dream journey possible it is essential that you avoid certain shortcuts. Keep reading and find out the top 15 travel mistakes you must avoid.

List of tips: –

  1. Standard driving license and Airport security: First one first, as per new standard of security your driving license won’t be eligible to make cut through airport security. In other words, to clear through security you would need your passport. Although standard license was easier and safer to carry
  2. Passport Expiration Date And Travelling: Next, avoid traveling anywhere if your passport expiration date falls somewhere in next 6 months. Many countries stipulate that traveller’s passport must be valid for next sixth month after the final date of travel. In other words, if your passport expires soon then there is great chance that you might be declined of visa. The best way to overcome these travel mistakes situation is to keep
    your passport updated. Nowadays, to update your passport all you need to do it fill out an online form.
  3. No Research: No one likes to spend hours comparing travel engines to find a good deal at last moment. You can sign up for flight deal alerts, and stay up-to-date with latest offers. Travel engines and tour brands often send user emails with deals on regular basis.
  4. Waiting: Don’t forget long queues at airport security or immigration. Did you know, that you can pay to cut the lines? Go for pre-check by paying some cost and you don’t need to take off your belt, shoes, or wallet. This is one way. Another way is to travel with air-carrier that offers you fast security check lanes.
  5. Vacation Days: As per one of report by U.S. Travel Association, millions of people leave behind their vacation days go unused. Since taking/using vacation days isn’t mandatory, and many businesses pay you extra if you have no leave in whole year. Even it is same with you as well, consider taking time off for good mental health.
  6. Not Knowing Your Rights: Did your flight just got cancelled? Flight delays/cancellation can be challenging. Many people don’t know this that they can get refund and compensations depending on travel distance. Although you need to check the rules you can file claim directly as well, or hire a third-party for a commission. Claiming your compensation will help you save your money.
  7. Using Airbnb: In last year’s investigation done by famous channel VICE, they revealed nationwide scams. One of most popular vacation rental websites Airbnb, baited customers by forwarding them photos of one location and then sending user to another. Although it was mentioned that these scams are rare but they do exist. For instance, some hosts can ask you to pay via other means, in such cases contact Airbnb immediately.
  8. Tangling Customer Service: Skip calling customer service when it comes to getting in touch with airline customers. Instead, move to twitter, send them direct DM and you will get a faster response.
  9. Locals: DO NOT MISS to interact with locals, remember travel is just not about places it is about people as well. So, on your next tour, take some time out to learn local culture. You can initiate conversations at your hotel and connect with other guests staying in your hotel.
  10. Trip To Middle East: Planning a tour to Middle East? Remember, countries in Middle East always stay politically charged. Although, Middle Easy is safe to travel but it is recommended that you should take extreme care in planning. Especially, as Americans make sure you have planned each and every aspect of your travel.
  11. Staying In Airport: Unfortunately, if you are stuck at airport for one reason or another, then avoid staying in. Take this as opportunity, leave the airport and go for a tour. Before you go out, check-out with airlines, many air-carriers offer free city tours during long waits. Each tour requires certain length of layover, it could be of 2 hours or it could be more. In case, you are going out on your own, be careful about timings. Also, check if you can leave luggage in lockers.
  12. Third-Party Website: Millions of people use third-party websites to book their hotels. Sure, you might find some crazy deals but it shouldn’t mean you should book through them. It is always recommended to book directly through hotels. It often matches the lower price, but the real benefit is that you will have guarantee. Many third-party applications and their offered deals are unreliable. Moreover, hotels have more lenient terms and conditions.
  13. Playing The Point Game: When it comes to travel, it is all about points, freebies, and perks. So, you are a road warrior, then invest in credit cards to earn points. You can essentially get free money by simply using credit card. Beyond it, you can earn points by booking hotels and airlines. Some of freebies included in membership can really come handy, for example, free Wi-Fi.
  14. Sustainability: Do not leave anything behind except your footprints. It is certainly wouldn’t hurt to opt for train travel options every once in a while. It will help to cut down your carbon footprint. Cut down on using plastic water bottle and carry a reusable water bottle.
  15. Skipping on travel insurance: Lastly, no travel insurance is not necessary but it brings peace of mind. You can go for affordable policies and cover extreme events. Sometimes, while traveling to remote destinations it is recommended to have insurance that can cover small issues such as lost luggage.

Wrapping Up

One of major leverage for travellers come from booking cheap flight tickets. If you plan ahead then it is easy to make booking of flight. Also, you can lower rates. Avoid (travel mistakes) believing everything you see on Instagram and do your research before leaving for a destination.