Good Friday Agreement: Biden Talks About “Causality Of Brexit”

Good Friday Agreement
good friday agreement announcement
Firstly, Joe Biden says he will not allow these in Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit. (If he’s elected US president in November). Additionally, he adds, any UK US deal has to be contingent upon respect for the Good Friday agreement.


Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has been trying to reassure U.S Politicians about the latest Brexit development.
Mike Pompeo shares UK to “get this right”.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi said there is no chance of UK US trade deal getting through the US Congress. If the UK violation International agreement undermining the Good Friday agreement.
After meeting with Mr. Raab said – UK exit from the EU could not be allowed to Imperial peace in Northern Ireland.
She said the lower house of Congress, which is currently controlled by her party would defend 1988 Good Friday agreement. As it a beacon of the hope for peace-loving people throughout the whole world.
And Mr. Biden who is going against US President Donald Trump in the November election tweeted to it.
“We cannot allow the Good Friday agreement that brought peace to the Northern line to become a casualty of Brexit. Any trade deal between UK U.S. must be contingent upon the respect of the agreement and preventing the return to the hard border. Period.”

Certainly, Brexit is high on the agenda at the Washington. After the internal Market cleared the first parliamentary hurdle earlier this week.

The proposed law would give the UK government the power of override part of the Brexit Withdrawal deal. – Prime minister Boris Johnson agrees with the EU last October.
Moreover, It now faces further scrutiny in the House of Commons and also needs to pass by the House of Lords. If the law comes into force, it would breach international law – as the prospect that prompted from any angry response senior figures in the US last week.
On Tuesday, four seniors congressmen also issued a similar warning saying us UK-US deal. Furthermore, block, if the UK fails to preserve the gains of the Good Friday agreement.
In a letter to Mr. Johnson, the First full Conwell Center the plans to give Minister powers to over a part of the USA exit environment. Its designed to avoid harsh Iris border could have disastrous consequences on the Good Friday agreement. And, so that border process to maintain peace on the island of Ireland, Ireland.