Greece: Largest Migrant Camp Destroyed – Cause Of Fire is Still “Unknown”

moria camp burning
moria camp burning

Fire destroys Greece’s one of the largest migrant camps. The Moria camp on the island of Lesbos faced overpopulation. Firstly, about 25 firefighters with 10 fire engines battled with flames and all migrants evacuated the camp. As per recent updates, some migrants suffered injuries caused by smoke exposure.

As of now, the cause behind the fire is unclear. Certainly, some people are blaming the migrants, on the other hand, others are blaming Greek locals.

Furthermore, police cordoned off roads. This way police prevented fleeing migrants from entering nearby towns. Now, thousands of migrants are without accommodation. On the other hand, authorities are struggling to find shelter for migrants.

Heiko Maas called this incident – “Humanitarian disaster”. Germ foreign minister also tweets “the distribution of migrant refugees among those willing to accept in the EU”.

moria camp greece
moria camp greece

Furthermore, some locals reportedly attacked migrants to prevent passing through a nearby village. After they fled the flames, the migrants tried to flee to nearby villages.

Statement By UNHCR, the UN refugee agency says,

“We are aware of the tension between nearby townsfolk and the migrants.”

“We urge all the exercise restraint”

Asking anyone who had been at camp “to restrict their movement and stay near[the site]. “A temporary solution is being found to shelter them.”


Moria camp is home to 13,000+ individuals of all ages. This campsite holds a 4x number of individuals as directed by officials. Most of the migrants in the camp came from Afghanistan. There are migrants from 70+ countries in the Moria camp.

The fire broke out from more than three places. In a short period, the whole camp was on fire. The main blaze was put out only by Wednesday morning.

“Now with the first light, I can see that there are a few tents that make it.” “they are okay, but the rest of the camp”. ” as I can see from this distance, is burnt out,” Thanasis said.

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