Head Of Vatican Cardinal Resigns Amid Financial Scandal 

vatican cardinal becciu
vatican cardinal becciu

In recent news, a powerful Vatican caught up in a real estate scandal.

Thursday, he resigned suddenly and gave up his right to take part in pope selection. This incident is one of the most mysterious episodes. 

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu. Angelo, the head of the department, that decides who will be saints of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Becciu to give up the right connections to be a cardinal”. The statement gives no details and no reason for resigning. On the other hand, Roman Catholic Cardinal under 80 to take part in the conclave. It is the conclave that elects a new pope in case the current pope dies or resigns.  

The incident shows indicate Beccius’s resignation could be very serious. Additionally, Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland. He resigned over a sex scandal back in 2013. 

Becciu held one of the most powerful positions in the Vatican. During his tenure in the Vatican become popular in controversial deals. As per updates Secretariat of used Chruch money in order to purchase a luxury building in London (as an investment). 

As per the investigation, suspension last year of five Vatican employees. The resignation included the Vatican’s police chief and former head of AIF. Furthermore, Becciu denies all wrongdoing in the London property deal. He also defended the purchase. 

Vatican police arrest Gianluigi Torzi. Torzi, an Italian middleman, also part of the controversial deal. Police charged him for extortion, embezzlement, and money laundering. Later, released but the investigation is still ongoing. 

In the end, Becciu will no longer vote in the conclave to elect the next pope. 

The Vatican always reports all get-together. It is also the chance to meet the pope to chat informally. Becciu and priest on the day the church celebrate the institution of the priesthood. The lunch didn’t happen this year.

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