[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, there are plethora of plugins offered by WP Engine. You can install plugin to improve performance to improve security and much more. In this guide, we are going to discuss one of most important plugins that offer user protection from variety of threats. Wordfence, is the most popular security plugin. Presently, it is used by approximately 3 Million users all around world. Originally, Wordfence was introduced to WP Engine’s disallowed plugin list. This plugin offers you global edge security. Earlier, plethora of Wordfence and WP engine customers faced challenging situations of incompatibility between two platforms. Now, after successful implementation of WP Engine’s DXP both platforms have become stronger and compatible.


In a nutshell, Wordfence is one of the most popular WP security Plugin. Around the world, millions of people use it. Wordfence includes Web Application Firewall which identifies and blocks malicious traffic. It enables deep integration with WP. On the other hand, there are cloud-based alternatives. One of the best features of Wordfence is that it does not break encryption. Therefore, it is impossible the bypass. Hence there is no data leak. The plugin checks for malicious code and content and defends user in case it positively detects any harmful file.

There is more the WP Wordfence scanner checks core files, themes, and plugins for malware. It protects customer from bad URLs, back doors, other SEO spam, and malicious redirects. Moreover, it checks website for security vulnerabilities as well. Last but not least there is content safety check as well that make sure all files, post, and comments don’t contain any potentially dangerous URLs.


Wordfence is one of the plugins that was originally introduced to WP Engine Disallowed Plugins list. Back that it was incompatible to WP Engine’s internal security offering. Also, WP Engine often restricts writing to PHP files. In other words, the write access is only for file system is allows if and only if administrator is logged in too. This is one of those policy that keep customer files system safe. Otherwise, Wordfence has its own compatibility limitations as well. One of the best ways to use Wordfence is to use with WP Engine. This is the change which made it possible to improve the security of Wordfence. Now WP Engine fully supports Wordfence.

Believe it or not! Thousands and hundreds of WordPress website face one or another type of attack every day. In such situation, it is essential to make sure that your website is not one of those. Security is one of the biggest subjects to research about when it comes to running a website. For some people handling security can be scary since there are so many ways that hackers can break into your website. One of the best ways to defend against such attack is offense. In other words, you have to be proactively prepared for attacks.

Wrapping Up

Most of the websites face malicious attacks for one reason for two. First, it is all about getting a hold on secret information on your site, for example, passwords, and other details of yours. Second, to install any malware or virus into your website. Lastly, there are plethora of ways to safe guard your website from attackers, for example, firewalls, scanner, and WP plugins like Wordfence. Make sure to be pro-active on installing your plugin to reduce the chance of attack.