Historical Day: Africa Declared To Be Finally Free Of Wild Poliovirus

Wild Polio Eradicated From Africa
africa declared polio free
Africa polio free
Who African Region now certainly free from the indigenous wild poliovirus. The indigenous polio virus transmission in all 47 countries is complete eradicated. Meanwhile, Nigeria is last African Country to declared eradication of wild polio-virus.
Polio only exists in two countries in the world now. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan are still fighting against poliovirus. Amid coronavirus pandemic, Africa eradicated polio. Sending message that ‘human race’ can overcome any challenge.
Presently, because of these broad efforts, Africa has been proclaimed free from wild poliovirus — yet the work isn’t finished at this point. Oral polio vaccines, including those utilized in Africa, contain a debilitated poliovirus that can once in a while change into a form that acts like the wild virus and can contaminate unvaccinated people, as indicated by the CDC. In territories with low antibody coverage, flare-ups of vaccine determined poliovirus can happen in any event, when wild strains of the infection have been disposed of.
During 1996, around 75,000 children in Africa was paralyzed by polio. In the last four years, there is no single case reported. Polio affects children under five years of age. It causes irreversible paralysis or death.
Matshidiso Moeti said,
This is a momentous milestone for Africa.
Now Future generations of African Children can live free of wild polio.