Hotel Hacks To Use While Traveling To New Places Including Pro Tips

Hotel Hacks

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ravel is fun, it is exciting time of life. Thousands of people love to travel each year at least once, and sometimes more than that. Perhaps, you too have plans for traveling. No matter whether you are traveling solo, with friends, family or your partner, here you might want to check out some hotel hack first. These tried and tested tricks will help you in many dimensions, such as saving more money, getting the best hotel and how to reach best spot to click photos and much more.

To be honest, not all hacks come cheap, but while there is plethora of them, you can choose which suits you best. These helpful hotel hacks are key to make most of travel.

So, here we go, best hotel hacks when you are on a limited budget.

  1. Using Electric Kettle: First things first, most of hotel provide their visitor personal electric kettles to make tea and warm water. Do you agree, having breakfast in hotels sometimes can be too expensive? If yes, then here is a breakfast hack for you. A simple solution for having healthy and cheap breakfast is to find nearest grocery store and buy some eggs. Boil the eggs using kettle. It is simple, easy, and smart way to have healthy breakfast without spending too much. Save your money you will need it later.
  2. Using Iron: Next, check your room for iron, and if it is not there then you can ask
    hotel manager for same. Iron is mostly made available for travellers to straight-out their clothing. You can use same iron to make a toast. Unbelievable right? But you can do it, just wrap foil paper around your toast and iron it on both sides for 30 seconds.
  3. Fixing Drapes: After traveling you will need a deep and good night’s sleep. Sometimes, hotel drapes don’t cover window properly, as a result, the light comes in and makes it hard for traveller to sleep comfortably. Check-out for cloth hanger in cupboard, use hanger to pin together drapes to eliminate any income light.
  4. Music Speaker: So, you forget to carry your music speaker on a journey? Music can make travel relaxing and fun at same time. Use a ceramic cup or glass to make music louder and deeper. First, play some of your favorite tunes in your phone, then while it is still playing your track, put phone into a glass. Enjoy louder music, just make sure to turn it off before you wake-up your neighbor.
  5. Using Bathroom: Use this hack when you are in a cheap hotel. If your hotel won’t give you iron to straight- out your cloth, buy wearing wrinkled clothes is not an option, then use bathroom steam. Almost all hotel gives your hot water heater, switch on water heater and wait. After some time, open the tap that gives hot water, use the steam to un-wrinkle your clothes.
  6. Using sink: Believe it or not! But laundry is must for travellers. Dirty clothes not
    only attract people but animals as well. If you have to stay for long time, then your best and cheap choice is to wash your clothes in a sink. Getting professional laundry service every time, you mess up your clothes while traveling which is way often is not at all a budget-friendly option. If you need to just wash your clothes in a bathroom sink.
  7. Using Conditioner: This tip is for girls and ladies. If you run out of your makeup
    remover while on travel, don’t worry, check out the bathroom for hair conditioner. Using hair conditioner, you can instantly remove makeup with ease.
  8. Using TV: So, you have left your phone charger at home, or perhaps lost it during
    travel. Don’t let a loss of phone charger become a nightmare. In case you have a TV in your room, then most likely it will also have a USB port, plug your phone into USB to charge it.
  9. Using Clothespin: Keep up with your health is key to travel better and faster. This
    hack is to protect your toothbrush. Keeping your toothbrush safe is essential, sometimes hotels shelves can be dirty or dusty, it is preferred to not to keep your toothbrush in an environment full of bacteria. Attach a clothespin to you to keep it away from the surface.
  10. Using Wet Towel: Lastly, staying in a hotel with no or broken conditioned can be
    tough. In case you have a window, first, open it, now go to bathroom and wet a towel, and then put it on the windowsill. This will help you to cool the air in your room.

Wrapping Up

This season hack your travel using aforementioned tips and tricks. Although it is rare thing to follow if you are going into a 5-star hotel, if you went on a budget-friendly trip, then these hacks are definitely for you. Get rid of hassle and costly pay-off on material you won’t require later. Now enjoy booking your travel flights and spot to stay with ease.