How To Optimize Your Profile For Online Dating: Ultimate 5 Science-Backed Tips

Online Dating

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]elieve it or not! Online dating is quite normal. Everyone loves it, everyone wants to meet their loved one and everyone wants it quick. But, 70% of individuals on online dating websites such as HER, WOO, and Coffee Meets Bagel have zero clues at dating. Posting up your cool photo, and typing “catchy” headline won’t get your date. As per statistic, around 49 million people out of 54 million single people have “FAILED” tried online dating. So, if you are thinking to join in for a good company, make sure how to start.

Before you start chatting online with other sensational human beings for fun, you need to learn one important subject. Science of dating online will help you create a profile that creates matches. It will help to understand online dating dynamics. Also, how to define yourself within a short space of description box.

Extended List of tips for optimized online dating profile that increases your chances

  1. It’s About Your Partner: First thing first, dating is 30% about and 70% about your partner. So, when writing a description, DO NOT try to write all information about yourself. Millions of people do this honest mistake, this reduces the number of messages you get. Use 70/30 rule, describe 70% of what you are looking for in a partner and only 30% about you, your hobbies and etc.
  2. EQ: As per social psychologist, what actually matters when it comes to finding your partner amidst 9 million uses is attractiveness and EQ. It is your emotional availability that makes you sexy. An emotionally unavailable person is a lot less attractive. EQ is your emotional quotient. It tends to be higher in both men and women who are more emotionally available. Avoid insensitive statements while chatting. Remember, you are in this for a relationship and not for a business deal.Pro Tip: Never lie on your online dating profile. In case you are in for casual relationship, then
    mention it as it is with complete honesty. Focus on your hobbies and character traits.
  3. Dating Vocab: Yes! Online dating is all about your vocabulary. Are you looking for ‘love’, ‘passion’, or ‘long-term relationship’? Wonder how different dating websites and applications have amazing internal cultures? It is your vocab which makes your profile visible. Also, you can stand out just by using work like ‘heart’, ‘romantic’, and ‘relationship’. You can simply mention what type of relationship status you have been, and what are you looking for in your next relationship.
  4. Unique Username: Once you have your profile picture done, next it is time to select a profile name. Your username is one of most influential tools for a online dating profile. As per research, men always narrow their search on female with username made up of words such as ‘sexy’ or ‘redhead’ or ‘cute’. On other hand, what attracts women is username made up of world such as ‘culture’ and ‘passionate’. Also, some words
    first letter can be repeated to increase influence. Words are like spells, so your username is kind-of your first spell.Pro Tip: Select a username very strategically.
  5. Tilt And Smile: Lastly, from 86 studies about psychology, sociology, and behavioral science it was found that tilt works. One of most attractive profile pictures, especially for women is when they display a genuine smile. Also, when their head is slightly tilted.Pro tip: Tilt your head and think something funny.

Wrapping Up

Some of best ways to find your match on a online dating profile are in aforementioned list. If you can do it properly and rightly then expect an instant match. Although, there is are so many other ways to be more attractive. Remember let your charisma shine.