Indeed, Even Pak Handled Covid Better: Rahul Gandhi On IMF Projections For India

New Delhi

Firstly, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked the center on Friday over IMF’s projection.
Certainly the Indian economy is set to decrease by a monstrous 10.3 percent this year
He adds that it was another “strong accomplishment” by the government.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi tore into the government on Twitter by labeling a diagram
Indicating IMF development projections for 2020-21
designed for Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and India.


The diagram demonstrated that the Indian economy extended to shrink
by a gigantic 10.3 percent this year,
This is the most elevated withdrawal among the nations referenced.

“Another strong accomplishment by the BJP government. Indeed, even Pakistan and Afghanistan took care of Covid better than India,” Mr. Gandhi tweeted with the graph.

Another strong accomplishment by the BJP government.

In short! Even Pakistan and Afghanistan took care of coronavirus better than India, said Rahul Gandhi.

Former Congress chief dig at the government over IMF. The recent reports show that Bangladesh closing in on India, in the terms of per capita GDP. Remarking it as a thick achievement of hate-filled cultural nationalism party[BJP].

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On the other hand, During COVID-19 times, the Indian economy faced a severe hit. It projected to contract 10.3% this year – International monetary fund.

In any case, India is probably going to skip back with a great 8.8 percent development rate in 2021,
Hence recovering the situation of the quickest developing rising economy,
outperforming China’s extended growth rate of 8.2 percent,
the IMF said in its most recent ”World Economic Outlook” report.

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