Influencers Round: Top 10 Offline Travel Applications For Beginners

Offline Travel Applications

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ourage, excitement, and fun – three pillars of travel. Planning your travel in year 2021 to dream destination? It is time to unbound yourself from traditional travel. In other words, it is time to travel without internet access. Whether you choose long flight, perhaps train travel – leave yourself disconnected for some time. During travel, it is common to face an issue like ‘network disconnection’. Perhaps, your phone battery is dead. Today, in changing times, connected world offers less time to stay offline. Fortunately, you can decide to be offline and yet use travel applications that remain useful.

Here is a basic list of travel applications for planning, navigating, notes, entertainment, and much more…

  1. Google Translate: First one first, in case you are on an adventure to places where you don’t speak native language. Ensure, you have GOOGLE translate applications. Thank me later! It is a basic application and can be used over almost any smartphone. Google translate can help you figure out what is going on.
  2. Google Maps: Once you are on ground again, navigation continues. In case you don’t have mobile data or paper maps, use GOOGLE map. Fortunately, this application works well without a connection. Perhaps you have this application on your phone already. It is FREE. Did you know? You can now save unlimited number of offline maps. Your GPS does not rely on internet, and magic blue dot with still help you to reach your destination.
  3. Evernote: Save paper and your time, using this application you can plan offline. Evernote offer features like journaling, and to-do list. It comes handy while traveling especially when you don’t have interest access. Use Evernote application for budgets, checklist, travel goals, and more. It is a great application for travel making dairies.
  4. Kindle: Reading books can be amazing entertainment and time-pass during travel. Use this free application to download e-books and magazines. You can use it read books even without a connection. Keep reading and enjoy your journey.
  5. Spotify: Traveling without music doesn’t make sense. Thanks to Spotify, you can use this application to download your favorite music and listen to it in offline mode as well. In premium version of Spotify, you get unlimited downloads. Also, leverage Spotify’s extensive podcast library, access your favorite music and podcast today.
  6. Allergy FT: Allergy and back pain can become a traveller’s nightmare. Allergy FT is your healthy toolkit on travel. This application can translate over 80 different food allergies to local languages. One of best features of this application is that it gives you a warning message to be forward to waiter or street vendor. The database of this application works offline, so you can use it without internet as well.
  7. Lonely Planet Guides: Traveling always requires resources fullness. Now you can access guides in e-format. Using e-format guide helps you to add benefits to your travel. Plus, you don’t have to carry a whole book along. Download your guide on your smartphone, or tablet and use it offline.
  8. Audible: Trend of audiobook is predicted to onset majorly during 2021. Although, millions of people currently use audiobooks every day. Listening to audiobook helps you to get an experience of your favorite one. Sometimes, it helps you to fall asleep. Other times, you can use audiobooks while getting a massage, or while doing window-shopping. You can set time for up to an hour or end of a chapter.
  9. Subway Map Application: If you want to figure out the shortest path from destination A to destination B without getting into traffic – use this application. Subway systems overall was an amazing invention for locals and travellers. Using subway map application will help you figure out dozens of sights in between your stops. You can leverage it to explore more.
  10. XE currency: Last but not least, on Play Store and App Store you can find plethora of currency conversion applications. XE currency is one of oldest and still best applications. You can use this application for variety of purposes, such as to know how much your dinner is going to cost, etc.

Wrapping Up

Almost all aforementioned travel applications are FREE to download and will work on any smartphone. But it is highly recommended to inform someone you trust about your travel. You can also leave behind a copy of all travel documents with your friends or family.