Interesting Top 10 Application For Mind Relaxation and Body Comfort

Stress and Anxiety

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, it is time to take a deep breath and relax. During day of panic and lock down it difficult to meditate. The key is to stay stress-free is by practicing daily- mindfulness. First and foremost, you should achieve stress and anxiety balance. Next, best part is that you don’t need any expensive equipment to mediate. Keep reading and find out how using your smartphone you can access applications which are perfect for beginners. These applications offer free services. Starting today, begin your journey of mindfulness.

List of top 10 application for meditation:

  1. Headspace: First one first, Headspace application is available both on iOS and Android platforms. This application has more than millions of users. It is super easy to use this application and meditations are available in variety of languages. The best part is you can try this application for free, also, there are annual subscriptions for individual who want to dive deep in meditation. Presently, you can subscribe to
    Headspace application and enjoy latest meditation like Weathering The Storm. This meditation is specially designed to address ongoing stress and anxiety caused due to pandemic. If you are a healthcare professional working in public health setting then you can get Free Headspace Plus subscription.
  2. Calm: There is range of offering to users on this application. Calm includes breathing exercises, both guided and unguided meditation. The application covers topics like sleep, anxiety, stress, self-care, emotions, personal growth, and peace. You can leverage Calm Hub which includes free content, such as, sleep mediation, calming music and much more. Calm is also available at premium prices.
  3. Stop, Breathe and Think: This application is for individuals who are looking more
    personalized emotional wellness. It is designed for all ages. The application offers separate sections/programs for kids, teenagers, and adults. There is 100+ mindful activities, for example, meditation, breathing, and yoga. You can also use this application for acupressure purposes. You can subscribe to this application for a month, year or lifetime. Currently, you can get this application with premium content, for example, Calm Corona virus Anxiety Hub – this application is perfect for complete family.
  4. Ten Percent Happier: The application is transformed in podcast as well. A truly unique feature of this application is that it offers personal coaching, 350+ meditations including sleep meditation. Also, there is latest section named Corona virus Sanity guide featuring variety of podcasts, guided meditation and much more.
  5. Insight Timer: Another best application named Insight timer is offering thousands of tracks that users can listen to. One of best features of this application is that it allows you to listen to tracks without any subscriptions. This means you can easily browse and select the best tune to unwind from a busy day. You can also unlock premium subscription by registering for a year. Premium subscription will give access to content like Insight courses.
  6. Aura: One of trending applications, also known as “Spotify or mindfulness”, Aura, offers personalized meditation for people in hurry. You can use Aura to listen to short mediation, which is an addition to your daily routine. Aura has life coaching, emotional health programs, mindfulness meditation, and currently, premium subscription is free.
  7. Simple Habit: This application is highly recommended by therapist, and presently
    has 5 million+ users. Simple habit is platform that caters life’s everyday problems. The best feature simple habit application is its instant relaxation. Also, this application is free for anyone who is financially impacted by corona virus.
  8. Shine: This application plays a role of support system for day-to-day stress and anxiety. Shine includes topics like managing work frustration, burnout, self-care and self-love for online dating which makes this application to stand out. You can access complete content of application with premium subscription online.
  9. Oak: This application is high underrated – OAK offers stunning visual interface
    and quite a massive number of meditations. OAK is great application for yogic breathing exercises, both guided and unguided meditation and best part you can customize everything in this application. You can change gender of teacher, choose background sound and much more.
  10. Breathe: Last but not the least, while moving on your new mindfulness journey, it
    is good to simplify things at first. Breathe offers simple mindfulness options for kids and teens, this application also includes personalized coaching. When it comes using Breathe you have access to a lot of content for free. There is also collection of content related to corona virus-related stress which includes special meditation, such
    as, overcoming corona virus anxiety.

Wrapping Up

Perhaps your flight is cancelled due to lock down, perhaps you are bored of staying at home. Practice meditation will help you overcome your stress and anxiety. Remember the only way to stay safe is by staying inside your home, and best way to be more mindful is by practicing meditation.