Latest News: Movie Going Could Become Extinct In Upcoming Future Warns Director

longest movie delays
longest movie delays

The director of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins, share that movie-going is facing a real threat.

Because her new superhero movie faced delay after delay during the COVID-19 pandemic times.

Jenkins is one of the top Hollywood directors. In recent updates, she appeals to the US government to provide a financial lifeline to cinemas.

Additionally, she warns that cinema in the UK is also struggling.

Certainly- Shutting down cinemas is not an option. It will be irreversible if we do so.

bond movie delayed
bond movie delayed

The end of the movie-going is here!


Millions of cinemas around the world now face financial setbacks as well as social restrictions. In short! There would be no blockbuster movies.

NATO – National Association of Theatre Owner shares

Both small and mid-sized cinema companies might face bankruptcy. Around 69% would face shut down permanently in the upcoming months. America is also one of the biggest movie markets. China is catching up rapidly.

Jenkins shared that widespread closure would also lead to Hollywood studies to shop investing in films. Ever one would turn to online streaming instead.

Moreover, this is the same thing that happened with the music industry as well.

Crumbling the entire industry makes it un-profitable entirely.

For example, Walt Disney’s Mulan skipped the cinema entirely and went straight to streaming.

Jenkins also shares that there is no option for her sequel, Wonder Woman 1984. It would go directly to streaming as well.

longest movie delays
longest movie delays


It is a superhero movie, Wonder Woman with superwomen Gal Gadot, now scheduled for release on X-mas Day. The superhero movie would face a challenging delay of six months from its original date (June) – or more!

Furthermore, in another announcement –
James Bond film faced another delay in the row. The movie named “No Time To Die” firstly moved from April to November. Now it is expected to be released in April 2021.