Latest News: Teacher Attack In France, Rallies To Support Late Samuel Paty


Protestors attended rallies across France. The rallies held in support of Samuel Paty, a teacher beheaded after showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his pupils. In de la Republique, protestors carried the slogan “I am a teacher”.

Abdoulakh A the man behind the killing also shot dead by police on Friday.

An 11th person to be arrested now as part of the investigation. Additionally, no details were given about the arrest. Four close relatives of the suspect detained shortly after the killing.

Additionally, around six more people held it includes the father of the pupil and one of the preachers.

On the other hand, President Emmanuel shared that the teacher got killed because Samuel Paty taught students about freedom of expression. The Islamist terrorist attack brings trails over Charlie Hebdo the magazine that published a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

Rally Hot Spot’s

Protesters In The Rally
Protesters In The Rally

The Place la Republique witnessed thousands of people rallying in support of Mr. Paty. To pay tribute to the deceased one Paris Major Anne Hidalgo also joined in. The whole place was a scene of massive demonstrations. Around 1.5 million people showed solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.


One of the protestor’s sign read “Zero tolerance to all enemies of the republic”. Another one was about “I am a professor. I’m thinking of you, Samuel.”
Many Frech Muslims who were at the rally expressed their disgust at the brutal murder. There was a minute of silence in the rally. Moreover, all protestors were wearing a safety mask for self-protection.
Furthermore, in a tweet Mr. Castex shared

“You do not scare us… we are France!”

On the other hand, the Education Minister shared that France would succeed in defeating all enemies.

Nathalie, one of the teachers from Chelles was also there at the rally.

In Lille, protesters carried the banner that says “I am Samuel”, thousand of people gather in Lyon and Nantes.

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