Latest Update: Beijing To Discontinue Frozen Food From Countries With Major Coronavirus Outbreaks

Frozen Food
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In recent news, authorities in the Chinese capital Beijing ordered importers to avoid frozen food. Depending on how major the coronavirus outbreak is the importer may avoid importing from these countries. Since in several incidents of import, seafood testing turns out to be positive.

In a statement, Beijing Munciple Commerce Bureau shares 

Custom and local government have detected the coronavirus in imported frozen food. 

It proved to carry the risk of contamination. 

The bureau also urged importer to monitor the pandemic situation around the world. Additionally, to take initiative to avoid importing cold chain food from places/countries under severe hit by the pandemic. Firstly, companies need to improve their warning and reporting mechanism. So, that authorities can be quickly informed about a positive test case. 

Health Authorities, for example, WHO and CDS say that the possibility of catching coronavirus through food is low. On the other hand, China is on high alert for possible re-contamination. 


China suspected poultry imports from Tyson Food. A US-based plant suspected to have an outbreak of coronavirus at the facility. 


A batch of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil also tested positive.  

These incidents have sparked an increase in the screening of imported food around the nation. The scrutiny heightened for products coming from places with severe outbreak for example Brazil. 

September 7

China suspended imports from a variety of food companies. This affects almost 19 countries and regions.  

Recently, China’s General Administration announced emergency precautionary measures against the Norwegian companies. A frozen seafood package tested positive for the virus. 

Last Saturday, custom shared another packaging from a Russian aquatic product test positive. Friday, China’s customer said the inner packaging of frozen fish from Brazil also tested positive. 


China health commission said no new locally transmitted virus cases reported in the past 24 hours. China today stands with 90,483 confirmed cased and 4,739 deaths.