List Of Top 10 Countries To Visit In 2020 Once Lock-down Is Over

Countries To Visit In 2020

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is travel that brings best out of a person. Starting from selecting a destination, journey/milestones and accommodation, till coming back home, an adventure you build yourself gives millions of good memories. Today, choosing a destination is easy, simple and straightforward. But sometimes it gives so many options, it is easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed. So, would you choose a destination because of popularity or unpopularity? This choice always remains in hands of travelers. Perhaps, this time you are looking to visit a new country. Keep reading and find out top 10 countries to visit in 2020.

List of countries to visit in 2020: –

  1. Bhutan: First one first, Bhutan is a tiny but remarkable place in foot-hills of Himalayas. It is a high-value, low-impact paradise and it is compelling travelers for a visit for ages. Thousands of travelers visit this place for hundreds of reasons, such as, to visit monasteries. When you visit this place, you can meet monks, and live a day in their simple lifestyle following Buddhist beliefs. Bhutan is famous for many
    reasons, such as, sustainability and being the only carbon-negative country. Do you know? Bhutan is going fully organic this year. It is a rich place, with interesting food and amazing sights.
    Pro Tip: While you are staying in Bhutan, ensure you visit Changangkha Lhakhang.
  2. England: Next on list is another peaceful and tranquil place to enjoy a relaxing stay. It is this place that offers a calming walk windswept pier. England offers world-best fish and chips, a place to engage in out-door activities like digging for fossils in ancient cliffs, building sandcastles and dolphin-spotting. This year it is becoming easy for visitor to enjoy activities due to new section of England Coast Path
    continues to open. Do you know? Once it is complete, the coast will be at almost 3000 miles. England Coast Path will offer a world’s longest continuous trail, a one of kind gem.
  3. North Macedonia: This place is known for its celebration. North Macedonia, earlier
    known as simply by the name of Macedonia is famous for its ancient traditions and nature. It is one of suitable places to visit if you like to dig into culture and adventure. The place offers High Scardus Trail, a 495km trek along a region known for its dramatic peaks.
    Pro Tip: While you are in North Macedonia, go for cheese tasting in Galicnik
  4. Aruba: It is a place of cultural hub of San Nicolas, and is also known as by the
    name of Sunrise City. Aruba offers its visitors a relishing, colorful and creative revival. While you are here, enjoy carnival experience, and annual festivals. This place is also known for its sustainability. Aruba works on renewable energy and plastic is ban here. Aruba offers an authentic, and affordable stay. Try Aruba off-road island tour on your next visit.
  5. eSwatini (Swaziland): Looking for a place packed with adventure, cultural ethnicity, and legendary wildlife? End your search here in eSwatini, which was formerly known as Swaziland. Although it is one of most underrated places in Southern Africa but thanks to its new international airport and improved road
    infrastructure help more to more people to reach their destination. In other words, with improved infrastructure, there is an overall increase in number of people visiting here. This place offers activities like trekking, white water rafting, and rhino encounters.
    Pro Tip: While you are here do visit to Mkhaya Game Reserve
  6. Costa Rica: A place of absolute sustainable tourism, Costa Rica, is a small country with magnificent bio-diversity. Here you can easily spot sleepy sloths in trees, red-eye frogs and whales. Every-individual in Costa Rica understand balance of nature and importance of perseverance. Costa Rican’s believe in living in harmony with their neighbor. Today, almost 90% of Costa Rica’s energy comes from renewable resources and it next on list of carbon-neutral counties in 2020. If you love adventure, hiking and yoga retreats and more, then this place is for you. Also, if you love getting lost in nature, then prefer Llanos de Cortes, a place with amazing
    waterfall and lush green rain forest.
  7. The Netherlands: It is 75 years, since end of WWII and The Netherlands is ready to celebrate. Amsterdam, a vibrant place, definitely deserves a visit. Enjoy excellent train network to explore this stunning city and make most of your travel. If you are planning to visit, then mark your day between April and May.
    Pro Tip: Don’t forget to visit Zuiderzee Museum and Hoge Veluwe National Park
  8. Liberia: Believe it or not but Liberia is a bit of mystery for everybody. It is a place for natural wonders and is filled with idyllic beaches and low-key resorts. While you are here, enjoy Sapo National Park, also known as second-largest are of Primary rain forest in West Africa. It is quite a dense forest filled with Chimpanzees, Elephants, and Hippos.
    Pro Tip: While you are in Liberia, go for Robert sport to kick-boost your travel to next-level.
  9. Morocco: Ready to seize a moment? Morocco is place with time-honored attractions including stylish lodging, restaurants and coastal wellness retreats. Thanks to improved infrastructure, now it has become way easier to travel. In Africa’s high-speed train you can travel conveniently from Casablanca to Tangier in
    less than two hours. Year 2020 is bringing a complete makeover in Fez, Essaouira, Meknes, and Marrakesh. Morocco offers a lot of off-track hiking routes for adventure seekers.
  10. Uruguay: In case you have not yet visited this place then year 2020 is perfect time to add it to your “Travel list”. Enjoy 660 km of Rio De Plata and Atlantic Shoreline, Wine Industries and bubbling hot springs. Uruguay has sometime for each and every one of you. But most visitors come here searching for laid-back lifestyle and country landscape.
    Pro Tip: Add Montevideo to your bucket list while planning your travel to Uruguay.

Wrapping Up

This travel list if filled with ideas to make an amazing experience. Perhaps you want to visit less obvious places? Or travel into jungle retreats. Explore how sustainable travel works, different cultures and try new food, make friends with local people and much more.