List of Top Five Rules To Greatly Improve Your Solo Travel

Solo Travel

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, millions of individuals fancy for clearance on travel. During lockdown phase, everyone is gathering information required on travel. So, that once lockdown is over, they can reach their destination with confidence and grace. Amongst millions of people, thousands of individuals would like to travel alone. If you are a solo travel enthusiast then keep reading and find out best tips to improve your next travel.

Top 5 rules to follow to improve your next solo travel: –

  1. Active Socializing: The first one first, to know more about local resources, stay in touch with locals and fellow travellers. Believe it or not! But you can find so much valuable information by staying socially active on your tour. One of best ways to do so is by checking-in to homestays instead of hotels. A true residential experience will help you learn local language, you can share your travel stories with host and vice- versa. You can also look for hostels and guesthouses, this should give you enough opportunities to make new friends. Moreover, you can coordinate with others to go sightseeing together. How about trying a new café together. Avoid hiding behind a book or phone while you are on solo travel, you can make your trip a whole lot interesting when you have local friends.
  2. Preparation: Getting ready for a solo trip? On a tour especially when there is no one in your company, it is essential to become self-reliant. In other words, get yourself organized, know about know-how, such as money, visas, vaccination, luggage, etc. Try to prepare everything in little advance so that you don’t have to hustle in the end. Also, pro-active preparation will give you a boost both personally and monetarily.
  3. Safety: Ok! Traveling solo is dangerous! That is a Myth! Nothing can be far from truth, but it doesn’t mean that you should overlook safety measures. There is a small list of safety measures which you can practice and that should do it. Especially for solo woman travellers, there are many female-specific safety tips. Make sure to stick to basic local dressing, and avoiding offending/drawing unneedy attention. Next, ensure to leave a copy of itinerary and travel document with a friend/family member. Many individual both men/women prefer to learn basic self-defence skills for added security.
  4. Luggage: Heavy packing, multiple-bags, and big suitcase on a solo trip is a BIG no. When you are on solo travel it essential to travel light, it makes sense. In case you have a habit to carry everything then perhaps it is time to reconsider your technique. While traveling with limited number of bags, you can enjoy mobility and flexibility. With fewer bags, you can easily turn your adventure in any direction. Also, don’t forget to pack comfortable clothes for long-haul of flights. Apply rule of thumb, leave behind clothes, and things which you cannot carry easily to a top of mountain.
  5. Overschedule: Lastly, it is important to research before traveling, it is recommended to schedule rooms and flights. But, remember to avoid over scheduling everything. You don’t want to book out every minute of every day so that you have room for spontaneous outing. Avoid getting exhausted every day.

Wrapping Up

On a solo travel is easy to overlook sign of ill-health. Make sure that you keep ‘health’ as your top priority. Eat and drink healthy. Also, try to back a small first-aid box. In case, you plan to party while on a travel – watch your drinks. Keep your heart open and don’t forget to take pictures.