New and Exclusive 12 Ways To Get More Audience For Your Webinar

Webinar Marketing

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, considering making a webinar is a wise choice for your business. Since more individuals use social media platforms to collect information. It is essential to have webinar around your brand. Also, webinar is an effective tool for marketing and converting leads. Webinar can help you to build more signups, and to engage your audience. It is also a way to create relationship/bond with your audience. Webinar is a process and it is part of learning.

Keep reading and find out easy-to-follow 12 ways to boost participant for your webinar: –

  1. Topic: First thing first, you need to update to be little creative when it comes to
    selecting a topic. Remember people read hundreds of blogs and articles on day-to- day basis. So, your webinar should have something to add/value to audience. In other words, you should be able to connect to your audience. Perhaps your topic is already covered, in such cases change your strategy and format so that you can provide something new.
  2. Catchy Headline: Next, ensure that you choose a headline that is catchy and convey care. No, one likes to read a headline that is boring. A stale headline will not inspire curiosity and hence individuals will not attend your webinars.
  3. Time And Day: One essential aspect of getting more participants online is time. Since all your participants share same time zone, one thing to remember it audience’s free time’. In case you are not so sure about your timing, but if you have some subscribers then go for a mini-survey. It is great way to engage your audience and get to know about their ‘free time’.
  4. Offer a replay: Believe it or not! But providing a replay will help you to build larger audience base. Moreover, it is a very small effort. Almost all social media platforms, such as Facebook provide replay functionality. Since many individuals might miss out your webinar due to time difference or any other reason. Using replay options will help you to increase number of people/audiences for your next session.
  5. Reminders: Yes! They can come handy, do not forget to send out multipl reminders. It is only natural to forget about adding a webinar after sign up. Although, your topic and headline will be enough some people do not pay attention to them. Hence, a gentle reminder it will help to bring your webinar to forefront of individuals mind.
  6. Landing Page: Whether your webinar is a free demo, or perhaps it’s a paid one – do not underestimate importance of a landing page. An interesting and engaging landing page can help you in multiple ways, such, lead capturing, or selling your stuff. You need to make you landing page with proper tactic. Make sure that before you start your webinar, your landing page in place, and optimized.
  7. Additional Value: Do your webinar talk about easy ways to sell stuff online? Perhaps it is about educating audience about new trends. No matter what your webinar is about, to make it better remember to add value. Providing additional value will increase your conversion rates. For example, you can go for special rates or discounted coupons. Perhaps you don’t have product yet, in such case you can always give a free 15-min one-o-one session to your audience. There is a plethora of ways to do it. Start exploring today.
  8. Email Marketing: Many people overlook importance of doing email marketing for their webinar. When you have some subscribers on your list, it is highly effective to use them for a boost. Make some announcement before going live, share some data/take-aways. Send reminder a day earlier so that your audience can save it on their calendar.
  9. Know Your Audience: Social media plays a key role when it comes to promotion. Best to keep in mind a note about sending announcements on various platforms. Inviting your friends on your webinar using social media is a good way to kick boost it. You can create 8-10 tweets, an Instagram post, and event on Facebook for same.
  10. Blogging: You can turn your blog into a revenue machine, and traffic generator. With regular readers, you don’t need a subscriber list. Use your blog to simply preannounce about your webinar and share key insights.
  11. Signup Forms: Do you have signup page for your blog? If not yet then consider building it before you start with your webinar. Without a signup page, you can lose a plethora of subscribers. Not only it helps you to get email address that can be used for email marketing but you can also announce freebies using same email accounts.
  12. Ask To Share: Want to have a great webinar? Yes? Share, your additional benefits, and ask audience to share it further. One of the best ways to do this is by asking audience who is already registered for our webinar to share key insights. How to do it? You can have a thank you page for people who register and there you can ask them to spread word.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, to have a massive number of participants on your webinar, you can use scarcity as a tool. You can start with limited number of people and change prices on first come first serve base. Also, you can consider advertising.