New H-1B Visa Rules To Make Sure American Workers “Put First”, May Affect Indian IT Professional

h-1b visa meaning
h-1b visa meaning


US President Donald Trump’s organization on Tuesday disclosed a tightening of rules
For immigration visas utilized generally by innovation firms,
guaranteeing the new framework would be better for American workers.
Firstly, The Department of Homeland Security reported the new guidelines for so-called H-1B visas
for exceptionally talented workers, which permit up to 85,000 migrants every year.
The move marked another progression pointed toward tightening migration
under the Trump organization, which looked to obstruct the H-1B program
in a move ended a week ago by a government judge.
On the other hand, Tuesday’s new guidelines, details of which were not uncovered,
would limit the meaning of “specialty occupation” which as indicated by DHS

“permitted organizations to game the framework.”

h-1b visa meaning
h-1b visa meaning
The arrangement, actualize following a 60-day remark period,
would likewise look to expect firms to make “genuine” offers to US residents
before trying to acquire foreigners and include new consistence systems.
The visa program has been broadly utilized by Silicon Valley firms
to get engineers and other talented workers, many originating from India. Critics have said the program has
depressed pay rates in certain professions.
Certainly, “We have entered a period in which monetary security is a necessary piece of country security,”
acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said in an announcement.

Put simply, monetary security is country security. Accordingly, we should do all that we can inside the limits of

the law to ensure the workers of America put first.”

A week ago,
US District Judge Jeffrey White in San Francisco allowed a fundamental order
to block the legislature from terminating the H-1B visa program,
for a situation brought by the US Chamber of Commerce and upheld by the group of technology trade.
TechNet, a trade group which incorporates numerous Silicon Valley firms,
criticized the new guidelines, considering it a push to dodge the court order.

“The organization is ridiculing the court’s decision by giving various standards to attempt to get the outcome it needs”

TechNet president Linda Moore said.
“Zero effect on expanding domestic American jobs. The new rules during pandemic times damaged the capacity of Americans
to recover from ongoing economic conditions.”