Oxford University: COVID-19 Vaccine Trail Pause After Participants Fall Ill

COVID-19 Vaccine
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The final clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine have been put to hold after participants had an adverse reaction in the UK. Vaccine developer AstraZeneca described is a routine pause. The case of an unexplained illness. Around the world, people expect outcomes from vaccine trails

Firstly, AstraZeneca and Oxford University vaccines among strong contenders to develop the COVID-19 vaccine. Millions of people need vaccines. It might be the one to first to come on the marketing, following successful phase 1 and 2 complete testing.

Currently, it’s moved to phase 3 testing. The testing involved around 30,000 participants in the US as well as from the UK, Brazil, and South Africa. The Phase 3 trials in vaccines involved thousands of participants. Moreover, it can last for many years. 


As per developers – 


All international trails site status is currently on pause. An independent investigation reviews the safety data. The trail can restart only when regulators decide – BBC’s Medical Editor Fergus Walsh reports. 


Statement by Oxford University Spokesperson


“In large trials, the illness will happen by chance. But must be independently reviewed to check this carefully”


Furthermore, the second time the Oxford coronavirus vaccine has moved to hold status. Because such events are routine in major trails. This can happen any time a volunteer comes to the hospital and the cause of the illness is unknown. The trails could resume in a matter of a few days. 


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Donald Trump says he wants vaccines available in the US before November 3 elections. But his comment also raises fears that politics may be prioritized over safety. On Tuesday, a group of nine COVID-19 vaccine developers reassured the public. They announced a “historic pledge” to uphold scientific and ethical standards. 


AstraZeneca is among other firms to sign up to the pledge. Other signatories include Johnson and Johnson, BioNTech, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Sanofi, Merk, and Novavax. 


Signatories pledge to “always make the safety and well-being of vaccinated individuals our top priority.”