Portland Cold-Blooded Killer Of Jay Shot Dead By Police

Portland Shooting
PORTLAND, OR - AUGUST 29: (EDITORS NOTE: Image contains graphic content.) Police arrive to treat a man who was shot near a Pro-Trump rally on August 29, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Far left counter-protesters and pro-trump supporters clashed Saturday afternoon as a parade of cars carrying right wing supporters made their way from nearby Clackamas to Portland. (Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

Big news is coming from Portland. The suspected person behind the Portland shooting and killing of a right-wing demonstrator shot dead by police

Thursday, Investigators moved in to arrest time – Official confirms. Michael Reinoehl , 48, killed in action. The federal task force says Reinoehl was the prime suspect. He killed 39-years-old Aaron “Jay” Danielson. Last Saturday night, Jay shot in the chest. Federal agents from the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service located Michael on Thursday. A warrant issued for his arrest.

U.S. Marshal says 

During the encounter, Reinoehl shot by a law enforcement officer.


Global News confirmed the information with U.S. marshals. Moreover, requested additional information from police of Portland and Lacey. Portland Police declined to comment any further and deferred to the U.S. Marshal’s statement.

Furthermore, before the news of Portland shooting Micheal death broke, President Donald Trump Tweeted.

“ Why aren’t the Portland Police ARRESTING the cold-blooded killer of Aaron “Jay” Danielson. Do your job, and do it fast. Everybody knows who this thug is. No wonder Portland is going to hell!”

Michael Reinoehl described himself on social media as “100% ANTIFA”. And, was a regular presence at anti-racism demonstrations in Portland. In an interview with Vice, Michael firstly appeared to admit to shooting Jay. He also claims that it was self-defense.

“I had no choice,” he said. “I mean, I, I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color. But I wasn’t going to do that.”

Police on July 5 cited Michael Reinoehl on allegation of possessing a loaded gun. And, was carrying it in a public place, resisted arrest, and interfered with police. Later on July 26, Micheal Reinoehl shot near his elbow. He got himself into a scuffle between an armed white man and a group of young people of color.