Prepare For An Epic Trip: Top 15 Tips That Could Back-up Your Travel

Travel Tips

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]frica is mother continent from where all species travelled to different places around the globe. Believe it or not! There is nothing like a trip to Africa. Its culture, ethnicity, and a large variety of wildlife would mesmerize anyone. Landscape in Africa capture hearts of millions of people. Planning to make a visit to Africa? Keep reading and find out about top 15 tips that could back-up your travel. Follow these tips to make your travel more resourceful and less-stressful.

Extend list of travel tips to Africa: –

  1. Be a People’s People: The first thing first, traveling to Africa will bring you closer to nature and a lot of people. You could find more people in rural areas as compared to city. During your long-distance drive and hike, prepare yourself to meet people of different cultures, and tribes. Don’t forget to wave at them.
  2. People Interest: Prepared or not! You could be sole interesting thing to people around. It is easy to get a lot of attention in Africa especially if you are a foreigner traveling to Amazon. Some local and most of time children might try to contact you out of their restless curiosity.
  3. Thing Might ‘NOT’ Work: Yes! There is a lot of things that might not work, for example, electricity, and water. Depending on your choice of place to stay and travel area, it is possible that sometimes you find things happening in opposite direction of your expectations. Alongside many things, Africa will also teach you to be patient. Don’t worry it all part of adventure and you will time of relaxation and laughter too!
  4. Go Wireless: Travelling to Africa? Do not expect a constant connection. Moreover, leverage thing time to go off-grid and pull a book. In other words, while safari and staying in middle of Jungle, that chances are rare that you will get a connection to update your status online. When in café with ‘FREE WI-FI’ you could expect a slow speed internet.
  5. Lots of Beautiful People: Almost everywhere in Africa, you will find warmness, friendliness, and hospitality. People here are just as interested in you as you are. You will recognize this even on your first trip here. Don’t shy out and say ‘hi’ to anyone you feel like meeting.
  6. Starry Nights: Whether you are here for Ayahuasca retreat or Jungle Safari. Whether you meet a shaman or not, whether you meet a jaguar or not, but you can count on your best starry night. As compared to city sky, you should expect a much wider and sky full of twinkling skies.
  7. Food Culture: Many people in Africa rely on maize and corn. Although you could find a decent French, Italian, Thai and Japanese restaurant for good cuisine. Maize is cheap it is filling and you can eat it with meat, fish and nearly everything. While you are here, try local food and be a part of one of oldest traditions.
  8. Dietary Restriction: So, you are on a diet on a travel to Africa? It could be hard to keep up with your diet here. Surely, it is possible to stay on vegan diet while traveling but it would make your choices tougher. Most of dishes in Africa are based on maize and meet.
  9. Bribery?: If you have not yet experienced bribery then don’t be alarm when you would be forced into one. In countries like Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania, you can encounter some notorious police trying to get bribe out of both local and travellers.
  10. Prepare For Everything: When you travel to one of most adventurous places on the globe, it is best recommended to expect the unexpected. Always be prepared for spontaneous decisions, brainstorm your way, and know your trajectory.
  11. Bright Colors: Africa is full of bright color, from Morocco to Malawi, you should expect vibrant Africa. You would have a single bad day here. All of it, wildlife, landscape, and people are so vibrant and joyous.
  12. Out Of Box: Traveling becomes easy when you go out of your element. Whether you are rich or poor, solo traveller or in-group, expect to see many people and communities. If you are fortunate you could even volunteer in local school or organization. You can also donate clothes, pencils, bread and anything which is of daily use.
  13. Happy Times: It is rare to see an unhappy child in Africa. Although I am sure they all have their own ups and downs in life, they always come across joyfully. On streets, you can watch them smiling, laughing and playing with friends. Like any other child on planet, they too like to make faces.
  14. New Things: You will watch elephants, cheetahs, and even Zebra and many more species. Africa is place full of amazing wildlife, flora, and fauna. Also, there are a variety of bugs and insects as well.
  15. Lots Of Driving: No matter whether you are self-driving or booked a tax, or taking public transport to cover distance between two destinations. While you are here, you might want to dress up in comfy clothing.

Wrapping Up

Although we have covered most of things you need to proactively prepare. But there is always more. Ensure to pack insect repellent, prepare for daytime traveling, and pack right safari clothes. Lastly, don’t forget to have FUN.