Read Here! WP Engine Introducing New And Improved User Portal

WP Engine User Portal

WThe year 2020 is bringing forward many changes in the world of technology, social media, and Internet. Before we dig deep in best WordPress Website Hosting Server, it is essential to address the new user experience in user portal. It is new user experience that brings a powerful development, new workflows and organization of various teams. So, in case you just begin your career or whether you are here for a scale plan- it is important understand user portal.-Andrew Gobble, multi-niche affiliate marketer

Note: While going through this complete article you will come across a plethora of new terms.

What You Have To Do Now

Here is good news for existing users- you don’t have to anything. The WP Engine new custmer user experience is optimized to installs your pre-setting automatically. To learn more about new user experience read to the end. It is highly recommended to explore your new user portal to familiarize yourself with fresh experience.

Single Environment Sites

The new WP Engine user portal experience will make sure that your installs and setting are converted automatically for you. In other words, when you view your site pages, you can expect to see single-environment sites.

  • Single environment sites can work in same way like install work and it can help you setting same permission.
  • The new user experience gives user a specific gray color bar on left side where single environment sites can be marked.
  • New user portal works best with WordPress

New Features

With all-new functionality and features – you will be able to create a total of three environments.

  1. Production
  2. Staging
  3. Development

Converting Single-Environment Site

It is single-environment site that has restrictions to single environmental setting. But you can easily convert one single-environments to multiple environments. In case you are looking forward to making a multi-environment site to production, staging, and development then a new WP Engine user portal is for you.

Copying And Moving

Creating an environment within one site will allow you to copy from any other environment on your account. So, once you have a new site it is now easy to move the environment between multiple sites. In other words, you can copy up and down between your production, staging, and development.

Transferable Environments

Today, you can easily transfer installs, and now with new user experience, it is easy to transfer environment within your sites. Also, you can create unlimited transferable sites. So whenever ready you can transfer the environment to your client. You can transfer one or all environment at one go.

WP Engine’s new user experience is inspired by its core value and overall strategic vision. Additionally, you get easy to manage dashboard and full access to platform tools and features. The new user portal experience gives a modern feel and reflects a new more natural and intuitive look. First step of update includes:

  1. Updated Navigation
  2. Left Design Alignment
  3. Improved Account Level Visibility
  4. Increased Search Capabilities.
  5. New Design Element

Wrapping Up

There is a plethora of accessibility-specific updates in WP Engine new user portal experience basically focused on background, contracts and content visibility on the page. You can also change font style and density is bit larger and thicker which makes it easily readable. Moreover, there are enhancement and improved screen reader support, and overall better emphasis from user aspect.