Shedeur Sanders Examines The Impact Of Travis Hunter’s Injury On His Life

Shedeur Sanders

There was plenty of animosity between Colorado and Colorado State ahead of their Saturday night rivalry showdown. There was no doubt that emotions were running high in Boulder, from back-and-forth statements between head coaches building up to the game to a skirmish between both teams before the game.

The line was crossed, though, in the first quarter when Rams defender Henry Blackburn hit two-way star Travis Hunter hard along the sideline. Blackburn was thrown out of the game, and Hunter had to be taken to the hospital because of the play. After the game, Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders talked about how the play affected him personally.

Sanders said, “When Travis got hurt, it made me feel a certain way because you look like one of my brothers on offense.” “So it hurt me a lot to think about all the work he put in before the game and the fact that you can always count on him in those situations.”

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Sanders instantly got in Blackburn’s face after this hit, which left Hunter in pain for a long time and on the ground.

Hunter returned to the game later in the first quarter, but a locker room medical evaluation and hospital visit left him unfit to complete. Hunter, a key player on both sides of the ball, will likely miss several weeks due to the injury, according to head coach Deion Sanders.

Tight end Michael Harrison had a career game to help Colorado’s offense after Hunter caught 16 passes for 213 yards this season.

“Now we have Mikey stepping up today, and I’m proud of him just getting in the windows and understanding.” “When his number was called, he was ready to execute,” Sanders explained.

Harrison recorded seven catches for 76 yards and the Buffaloes’ last two critical, game-winning scores in both overtime sessions, all of which were career highs for the redshirt junior.