Six Month Jail: Man Caught In Girlfriends Cupboard After Breaching Quarantine

yusuf karakaya perth
In recent news coming from Australia – a 31-year-old man, Yusuf Karakaya sentenced to a six-month jail term. On Monday, an Australian court sentenced Yusuf to serve jail time because he repeatedly broke a mandatory 14-day COVID-19 quarantine. Now, he ended up in isolation for a far longer time as the court slapped him with a six-month jail term. The Australian court says that this is a harsh step but it was necessary to “send the message” to others who dare to challenge COVID-19 rules and regulations. This decision was certainly made by taking into consideration Yusuf’s earlier month-long conviction.

Brief Background

Furthermore, this time the quarantine dodger got into trouble with authorities. In early August, he returned from Sydney where he went to give his uncle a visit. Later, when he was back in town, he move into a 14-days mandatory quarantine at a local hotel. All the private addresses he suggested for it was unsafe. In a few days, he promptly grew weary of the isolation, and escaped the hotel and brought a ladder to break-free. Yusuf then used a variety of strategies and using a ladder he breached quarantine at 3-times. Soon after discovery of the ladder and removed by the hotel staff – Yusuf received another one from his accomplice and again breached the quarantine.
Ultimately police caught him at his girlfriend’s house by police – hiding in a cupboard. On the other hand, in his defense, he explained it was his girlfriend’s birthday and if he did not show up for it he would be in trouble. Yusuf Karakaya is not the only Australian to get into legal trouble for breaching COVID-19 restrictions. In previous cases, at least four individuals have received jail terms for not following rules and regulations. One individual also got the same six-month sentence as Yusuf.