Small Aircraft Crashes into Hangar at Long Beach Airport

Small Aircraft Crashes

On Monday, At Long Beach Airport, a small aircraft collapses into a hangar; the pilot sustains minor injuries.

The FAA reports that the collision happened at 2:30 p.m. when a single-engine Cessna 172 flew into the roof of a parking garage.

Officials state that they recovered the pilot from among the wreckage after he reported being the only passenger. His wounds were rather minor, so he was able to get treatment at a clinic close by.

As SkyCAL flew overhead, the plane’s tail was visible, attached in part to the roof of the building.

According to firefighters, approximately 45 gallons of petroleum leaked after the incident. They claim that contrary to earlier reports, “there was never an active fire during the incident.”

The accident’s precise cause is still being looked into.

Both the DOT’s Safety Board and FAA’s investigation into this incident will be thorough.

That’s the most recent of three crashes involving light aircraft that have occurred in the area of Murrieta, California’s French Valley Airport in the previous week.

The pilot was killed, and his three young children were hospitalized, in the first accident on July 4.

A twin-engine business aircraft crash-landed 500 feet before the departure runway at French Valley Airport on Saturday, while attempting to land in a dense marine layer. All six passengers aboard the flight, which originated at the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, died.

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