So When Will You Be Cleared To Make That Tour To Europe

Tour To Europe

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, due to pandemic, millions of people with utmost caution and patience are
waiting for a process which will relieve lock down. COVID-19 restrictions have started in each and every country, even in Europe. The pace of travel is slowed down but hopefully it will gain momentum in upcoming months.

Some countries across continent has reports with further decline in new COVID-19 cases. On one hand, government is lifting some common prohibitions and on other schools are starting to reopen (partially). Also, in many places some shops and public are have given permission to reopen.

Countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Iceland and Czech Republic who faced first wave of virus are easing their restrictions. In other words, the government is allowing partial return to work and taking other measure to stabilize economic conditions. Although everyone understands risk of opening too quickly, as it can lead to rise in rate-of-infection and can also lead to further close down. In one of latest official announcement it is made clear that ‘extreme caution’ need to practiced. The European Commission Head named Ursula Von Der Leyen in his interview explained importance of vaccine against COVID-19. In order to return to full normality of life (tour to Europe)it is essential that a cure is first developed and given to people. So, where does it leave us?

As far as tour to Europe is concerned – “We all have to wait”. Presently, it is too uncertain to forecast travel for July and August. Almost all countries are taking precautions and building their step-by-step reopening plans. A general consensus in society is to implement reopening in segments, certain age group or industries should be allowed to reopen first and other only after them. Countries are working on their “phase two” plans. In Italy, bookshop, stations and clothing shops for children have reopened for good. Although complete food processing industry is still closed.

Travel Strategies

There is an emerging travel strategy between Austria and The Scandinavian Countries. As per one of reporters, Vienna is prioritizing opening of non-essential stores, but there are hints that schools might stay closed till September. However, in Norway and Denmark, young pupils will be going back to school this month. Somewhat same can be said for Travel industry. All countries are considering what to do? Most of borders remains closed and confusion prevails when it comes to taking decisions. Millions of people from around the world have booked holidays,
hotels, packages, activities and adventures. Although lock down might be easing but it is possible that it will last at least “three-four weeks” more.

Many small-scale travel businesses have failed already, low-cost airlines are still and industry experts are warning everyone. Almost 95% of flights in April and May have been cancelled. Airlines are hoping to resume operation near end of July or beginning of August. Some Airline, for example, Ryanair and Jet2 are expected to resume their service in June. Airlines are cutting cost; they are helping customer to extend their days and might encourage on-board social distancing by barring use of middle seat. Perhaps these measures will soon become new normal.

Domestic Vs International

It is predicted, domestic flights are likely to start-off first, as compared to international booking. Airports Infrastructure updates will include small testing centers, heart rate monitors, temperature and respiratory rate of passenger and much more. Together with help of technology it is easy to reveal infection and take precautionary steps. In latest news – Individual boarding Emirates flight from Dubai To Tunisia, masked passenger gave blood test with results delivered in 10 minutes. Emirates now intend to scale up its capabilities to provide COVID-19 test certificates. In theory, recovery of travel will occur in phases, such as, permission to road trips, green light to flights and then trains.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, travel industry will take its time in order to complete recover and adapt new normal. It is advised to people to not to book summer holidays, tour to Europe and avoid non-essential travels. Each country is taking its time to make decisions with destination across Europe facing lock downs. To predict when travel will be completely safe is
practically impossible. There is hopeful prediction that “Autumn and Winter getaway could prove more popular than ever expected”. Demand for Caribbean Holiday for end of 2020 and in 2021 is expected to increase.