Successful Ways To Provide Correct Care To Your Hair During Lockdown

Hair Care Routine

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, situation around world is bringing millions of people together as one family. During this difficult time, everyone is shifting their attention to global aid. So, what if we are practicing self-isolation by staying at home. It is only way to avoid wide-spread COVID-19. One essential thing to keep on forefront of mind is hygiene. Staying clean, eating healthy, and following hygiene practice is key to living a good
life. Thousands of people have taken up challenge to invest this time to re-invent their self. In other words, investing in becoming a better version. So, rather feeling homebound, you can take care of yourself in multiple ways. How about starting today? Take care of your hair! But you do oil your hair and use shampoo regularly, is that enough? Absolutely not. Keep reading and find out top 6 ways to successfully give care-time to your hairs. All tips mentioned here are simple and easy to follow: –

  1. Use Hot Oil: First, on first, remember how grandma used to do it? It is extremely beneficial to nourish our hair. Using hot oil will give you healthy hair and it will also stimulate your hair follicles.
  2. Towel SPA: Perhaps this secret is not known by many people yet. But it is about to come out. One of best ways to make a long-lasting positive impact on your hair is by taking oiled hair and wrapping them around using hot towel. First, dip your towel into warm water, then gently wrap it around your head. Let it stay over there for 6-9 minutes. After that go for a rinse.
  3. Beyond Shampoo: It is not enough. Using only shampoo or other free products can take away moisture from your hair. It is highly recommended to use nourishing hair mask right after your shampoo routine. Avoid mythical hair conditioners, such as egg or beer.
  4. Hair Serum: Using hair serum will help you to successfully prevent that strange frizz. Moreover, it will help you to get absolute tangle-free, smooth and shiny hairs.
  5. Blow Dry: Preparing your hair? Preparing your hair with blow-dry or use any other styling tools, like straightener, gel and setting spray, etc. Make sure you give a complete detox to your scalp for few days.
  6. Web Combing: Lastly, avoid continuing your habit of combing wet hairs. Always try to give some time to your hair to naturally dry and then gently comb to straighten them up.

Wrapping Up

No matter whether you have curly hair, thin hair, oily hair, or dry hair – make sure that you tailor your hair-care routine. Leverage this time to naturally strengthen your hair. Follow aforementioned tips to start taking better care of your hair and scalp.