The India Bans PUBG and 117 More Mobile Apps

The India Bans PUBG and 117 More Mobile Apps
The India Bans PUBG and 117 More Mobile Apps

The government banned 118 Chinese mobile apps. This includes the favored gaming app PUBG – one among the highest trends. A complete of 118 apps banned by the ministry of knowledge and technology, per a press release. The move comes within the backdrop of fresh tension between India and China in eastern Ladakh.

India on Wednesday banned over 100 mobile applications. The list includes certainly the most popular mobile gaming app PUBG. After banning 59 Chinese apps within the first round earlier this year. The apps banned citing concerns of information security after fresh tensions between India and China. The border area in eastern Ladakh witnessed Indian and Chinese soldiers landing into a scuffle once again. 

The banned applications include Baidu, Baidu Express Edition, Tencent Watchlist, FaceU, WeChat Reading, and Tencent Weiyun, other than PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite the statement read in keeping with some reports, there are nearly 33 million active PUBG players in India, making it one amongst the foremost popular apps downloaded within the country. PUBG reportedly clocks 13 million users per day.

The government claims the move to ban the sport will safeguard the interests of crores of Indian mobile and internet users and maybe a decision that’s targeted move to make sure safety, the security of Indian cyberspace.


Mobile gaming is on its rise as compared to last year. It happens to be that mobile gaming has its space of itself in the streaming industry. Mobile game streams are easy to access, there is a low-entry level barrier and it is affordable. Today, mobile gaming is changing entire demographics. Some of the top mobile content creators have popularized the games like PUBG. Here is a list of the top five mobile content creators with a count of their subscribers. 

  1. MortaL – 5.66M 
  2. Panda – 6.62M 
  3. Atro – 7.46M 
  4. Levinho – 7.68M
  5. Dynamo -8.19M