The Most Heated Moments of the First Republican Debate

First Republican debate

Republican Debate candidates Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy debated a variety of issues during Wednesday night’s presidential debate in Milwaukee, including Ramaswamy’s support for Russia and Haley’s criticism of her lack of foreign policy experience.

Haley accused Ramaswamy of supporting rivals of America overseas and betraying the country’s allies after he stated he would not support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

Haley stated, “He wants to hand Ukraine over to Russia, let China devour Taiwan, and stop funding Israel.” “You never would do that to a friend. Instead, you look out for your companions’ best interests.”

Ramaswamy responded that Haley was “pushing this lie” about him and then said Haley supported Ukraine at the behest of major defense contractors.

“I wish you luck in your future roles on the boards of Lockheed [Martin] and Raytheon,” said Ramaswamy, referring to two of the nation’s largest defense contractors.

Both candidates spoke over one another for several seconds before Haley accused Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur, of lacking political experience.

She stated, to acclaim from the audience, “Your lack of experience in foreign policy is evident.”

Ramaswamy was the only contender who raised his hand when the moderators of the Fox News-hosted presidential debate asked who would not continue to support Ukraine.

He stated that sustained support would push Russia closer to China and that the United States should focus on securing its own border.

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Haley said Ramaswamy chose Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, over Ukraine.

“You are choosing a murderer over a pro-American country,” she stated.

Several other candidates criticized Ramaswamy during the debate, which may have reflected his recent rise in the surveys.