Tips On Moving Newly To Alaska And 10 "Keywords" That Alaskans Use A Lot

Travel to Alaska

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]reaming of traveling to Alaska? Making a move to one of most beautiful places of world? If that is true and you are going to move then keep reading. Let’s see what needs to be ensured before moving to a new house. Alaska has more than 100 volcanoes. Here, sometimes temperature moves to lower 45’c. So, migrating to Alaska from another country would require a bit of pro-active planning.

Making A List

Moving to place with approximately 100k glaciers could possibly require a double check. There is plethora of reasons why individuals want traveling to Alaska. For some it is their dream place, for others, Alaska is an amazing adventure place. It would be silly to ask why you want to move to Alaska. But, building a checklist should help you keep up with your trajectory.

Working Or Job

One of important aspects of living in Alaska is work/job. Have you already applied for work? Perhaps you have specialized experience in trading, or skill needed. Alaska offers a lot of jobs. If you are planning to traveling to Alaska, you can always find a place to work. Well, it is always recommended to find a job before moving to Alaska. This will give you necessary power-up, and don’t forget to investigate. There are a lot of amazing companies in Alaska.


Staying in Alaska you will get to see range of temperatures. Yes! Alaska could be hot as well, so it is best to find your accommodation before moving up. Although you can live from an RV as well but it is best to find a warm and cozy space.

Here are 10 Things That Alaskan’s Say A Lot

  1. Cheechako: First one first, Alaskan says “Cheechako” to call someone that is new to Alaska. The word means “newcomer”.
  2. Sourdough: Traditionally, there was a ritual to protect sourdough starter during winter months. This ritual involved keep sourdough close to one’s own body. Especially in harsh regions ‘sourdough’ is still used.
  3. Outside: Alaskan automatically assumes that you are leaving the state when you say “I am going outside for a couple of days”. Here, outside means leaving the state.
  4. Outsiders: This is another category for newbie. Many times, outsiders would come and try to change things. Most of times it creates ruckus.
  5. Ulu: This is a tool that has a rich history. Ulu is an amazing tool and it is been using by Alaskan Natives for hundreds of years. It is also known as rocker knife.
  6. Termination Dust: On high peaks, surroundings termination dust is an indicator of upcoming winters.
  7. Bush: Alaska is massive. Here you will find both road systems and off-road systems. In case you are traveling to Alaska off the road system, then you are called Bush.
  8. Slope: When you hear people mentioning about slope, they are usually talking about skiing. In Alaska, slope is massive resource for entire economy. Slopes aka massive oil fields on North of Alaska that employs thousands of workers.
  9. Fireweed: Blooming is beautiful phenomenon. It is a visual reminder that summer is in its full swing. Fireweed reaches its peak in bloom. Around July and early august is right time to do whatever you want, before winter sets in.
  10. Snowbirds: Lastly, it is during summer months when you should plan to meet people such as business owners.

Wrapping Up

Alaska is famous for thousands of different reasons. Believe it or not! Alaska has more coastline as compared to any other state. While you plan to traveling to Alaska, follow aforementioned tips to make best of your time.