Tips To Make Professional Vlogs On Your Next Travel


[dropcap]C[/dropcap]urrently, there is very little chance of someone going on holiday. Since the days of quarantine continues, blogging is best way to build up skills. Once quarantine time is over many people will be moving out to explore world. If you are also planning to on a holiday soon, then perhaps your blogging skills will help you. Keep reading to find out some of best tried and tested skills for making video while traveling. Using these tips, you will be able to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

List of tips for vlogging while traveling: –

  1. Prioritize What To Film: First things first, try not to record and capture everything, Filming your first trip can be very overwhelming. Recording everything first-hand is interesting and plays a key role in building stories later, but capturing everything is a waste. It is not that it is bad or so to capture everything, but recording interesting memories, special moments and funny moments is key. Else, you will spend all your time behind camera. Ensure that you have set aside a particular time to make blogs.
    Pro Tip: Keep an extra battery.
  2. Blogging Activities: Blogging can take you millions of directions, it’s your video and
    you can make it the way you want it to be. You can make day to day video, but secret of creating good blog is to build it around activity or an interesting place. When you find a place you really enjoy, then you should make a video of it. Perhaps, you enjoy a safari ride or meeting a celebrity during your trip.
  3. Short and Crisp: A video made with maximum of 3-5 minutes length is easy to make, it stays interesting and has a less-talking segment. You can play around to capture different short videos, increase talking time as you like, but try to avoid making lengthy videos. Making short videos will make sure that you achieve your end goal to share beautiful memories, key information and helpful advice with your audience.
  4. Be Yourself: Honesty is best policy and it works even while making blog when no one is around you. Don’t be camera shy, and show plenty of who you are, sometimes it can be difficult to stay in front of camera for long-time. But you have to remember that you are backbone of your blog. And, therefore you should talk to a camera and dig into your own perspective. Soon you will wonder that blogging can actually help you to become a better speaker.
  5. Include Other: Blogging becomes better and more interesting when you also include other people, such as travel buddies, local people, etc. Try asking your best friend to wave back to your camera, perhaps they can also pose on-camera for you. Adding another person making blogging more interesting.
    Pro Tip: Try asking a question.
    Many people like to share their advice and reviews, perhaps they already have the experience to share. This will add value to your video content and makes it richer, informational and elaborate.
  6. Your POV: One of unique thing about travel vlog which also makes it different from normal travel video is that travel videos are focused on your perspective. Your travel video will demonstrate or revolve around your personality. And, you can even make it better by adding some video clips taken from your own point of view. It is one of greatest ways to engage your audience, it will also help them feel connected to you.
  7. Establishing Your Shot: Start-off by establishing a shot for a video clip. Imagine, establishing shot as giving-in big picture. Thousands of people spend too much time in making video that they forget to take video establishment in notice. For example, if you are near a river, make sure to capture complete river for your first shot.
  8. Keep It Steady: One of essential keys to making good blogs is steadiness. If your video is too shaky then people will stop watching it. An occasional shake, while walking down a path, or stepping up to vehicle, is acceptable, but shaky video clip puts people off. Try walking slower, and make a conscious effort to keep your
    camera steady. Presently, on the market, there is plethora of video editing tools available to enhance camera stability. Investing in-camera stabilizing tool will help you build amazing video content.
  9. Background Noises: While making video it is easy to overlook natural elements for example wind and noise. A video clip with too much background noise can be very unpleasant to listener’s ears. It is good idea to test clip first, try to record a short clip and play-it-back. Check for any background noise, try talking louder it possible, and if there is any hassle still then move on to next place. Improve sound quality of video using a wind muff, virtually it will help you remove any annoying sound.
  10. Choose a music: Find a music that fits on your video, believe it or not, but it will leave an impact on your viewers. For example, use rock or pop to build adrenaline rush, use instrumentals for soothing effect and trance or chill beats to make a cool video. You can use YouTube Audio Library, Sound Cloud or Spotify.
  11. Re-evaluate: Sometimes it’s good to give a second look to your blogs. So, once you have successful edited video, next set it aside. Re-evaluate your video, you will always find a thing or two to improve. This will help you keep up with progress and growth. Also, you will be able to add more perspective.
  12. Other Blogs: Lastly, you can learn a lot from watching blogs made by other bloggers. In your spare time, you can watch popular travel video content.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned tips and tricks offer some of best methods to follow while creating video content. You can use these tips, mix it with some video editing skills and make ever-lasting memories.